UPDATE on Buddy and our January Bucket Fund receipts!

We surpassed our goal for 28 year-old Buddy who was found skinny and neglected in a kill pen –  he has reaped the benefits of your kindness!  (Original Story posted here.)

Buddy at the auction…


Vet care, great food, 2 new blankets and body work!  Life is good.  THANK YOU, everyone, who said prayers, held good thoughts and donated.

He looks great and has gained so much weight already.  He looks happy and alert!  I love his face during his adjustment!  Look how well his eyes have cleared, too!

Also, for those wondering… the number tags are GLUED on with a very strong glue.  You need a razor blade to remove them, or lots and lots of mineral oil.  (I know, I’m going through it now with my 3 new kill pen equines.)  She will get his number off when his hair grows/falls out or she has 2 sunny days in a row to work the oil to loosen the glue.

Buddy with 3 weeks of good nutrition, vet visits, hoof treatment, teeth treatment, 2 blankets and body work!

This is his new, orange blanket.

Buddy’s previous pics as he recovered…(shown on previous updates)

Buddy’s body work appointment

Buddy’s other blanket. He can wear them both at once when it is really cold. Both waterproof.


Since No Nonsense Natural Horsemanship Rescue is not a 501c3, we paid Buddy’s veterinarian directly.  We also paid for his body work directly.

We paid for Buddy’s body work

We paid for Buddy’s veterinarian services directly. I had a long and lovely conversation with the vet regarding Buddy and his future needs.

This is an additional receipt showing that the body exam was for a horse.





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