UPDATE on our October Bucket Fund mini horses! Ziggy (stallion with the bad eye) is gaining weight!

A reader and volunteer at the Indiana Horse Rescue kindly went to the facility yesterday to help out and take FUN photographs to update all of you!  Thank you!

We may have lost poor Florence to her very acute case of heaves (while 18 and pregnant…).  But there are several more pregnant mares, and Ziggy, to help this month!


First off, here is Ziggy, the stallion with the horrible eye.  He needs surgery for his eye – and to be gelded.  But he looks great!  Our BF funds will go towards his surgeries, for sure!  Other than his horrible eye, he looks great!  No burrs and he has fattened up nicely.



This is Wednesday.  She is the most outgoing of the group of pregnant mini mares.  Here she is, enjoying a scratch!



Marilyn loves to run and play and celebrate her rescue!  She finally has the freedom and space to buck!  This is the mare who lost half of her eyelid due to burrs ripping it away.  Her upper eyelid has healed very nicely.

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Ebony is the most shy of the pregnant mares.  Here she is (closest to camera) looking at the big horses.   She is very heavily pregnant.  They all are…


These gals are soon to deliver… so they love anything that feels GOOD – besides that, they made it to safety!  Here are Wednesday and Marilyn grooming!


IF YOU’D LIKE TO MAKE A 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to help Ziggy with his vitally needed surgeries (eye and gelding) or with these mares who are due to deliver in winter, please click here.  Thank you so much!



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