An update our July Bucket Fund starved 8 month old filly, BLUE BLAZE!

Do you remember our Emergency July Bucket Fund for the filly, Blue Blaze?  You can read her story here.

You probably remember this pic…  Hard to view.


USERL did an incredible job!  This filly had little chance, but she made it!  Amazing.

Everyone, feel good that you helped this filly in wonderful and tangible ways.  Your thoughts and donations made a huge difference in her degree of care.   Thank you.

A note from USERL:

I am so happy that I could cry. It been a long 5 months. I had her teeth checked for age again. The vet tells me, she is not a year yet! She must have been younger than we thought when she came in.
A lot of people have told me that they did not think she would make it but she did. 
We started turning the corner in Oct.  Blue‘s blood work showed SDH level normal and the other enzyme levels had started to come down.

Pretty girl.

Hard to believe!

She is so big!

Alert and happy – and still just UNDER a year old!



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  1. GreyPon3

    Blue Blaze is beautiful! The difference in her is night and day. What you did is a miracle. I wish I could adopt her but my current situation prohibits it. I hope you find this beautiful filly a loving forever home to live out her life.

  2. Laurie

    Blue Blaze is absolutely Beauitful!
    This is miraculous, but only done with your care for these horses.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us with the update.
    GOD bless you Dawn!

  3. Bonnie J Bishop

    Comment is for Blue Blaze recovery, Wow, you have done a miracle! What an amazing difference!

    I too thought she could not recover, but these people did an amazing job, and You did Too, by all the work you do every year, every day.

    Thank you for letting me along for the ride.
    Congratulations on a mission that you are completing is such a spectacular way.

  4. Lori Bowers

    Hi Dawn,

    I was wondering if you had ever had an update on the Havasupai horse taken out of the canyon a number of months back. Those horses are always on my mind. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Patricia Diers

    A miracle…. this is fabulous—thank you so much for saving this sweet creature.

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