You all were amazing this month!  Once again, we went over the goal donation amount, which was such a treat for Grosh!  (You can read his original story here.)

Grosh was the 2 year-old wild mustang stallion that arrived to the rescue with a gaping wound to his right shoulder…  remember, he is wild, so everyone had to be very careful while herding him into the catch pen, trailering him to safety and sedating him for surgery.

Our boy was sedated, gelded and his wound was cleaned, repaired, treated and he received all the meds/antibiotics that he needed.  THANK YOU.

A pretty good look at the horse’s wound. It appeared to be an injury from a run in with a wire and metal post fence.

LOOK how well he is doing!!!

It has been almost a month since his gelding and surgeries.  Now look at our boy!!  He is fairly gentled and is in love with his next door neighbor.

Isn’t he handsome?! From this angle, you can barely see his wound.

This photo was taken yesterday morning.

As you can see, the wound is there, but it is healing perfectly, according to his veterinarians.

He has fallen in love with the girl next door…


Luckily for Grosh and his keepers, we went over our goal amount which only helps promote good will for the horse and for his rescuers.  Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers and donations!!

Donation receipt

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  1. dawndi Post author

    He cannot be returned to the wild now that he is gelded – there seem to be issues there.
    He will be gentled and adopted.

  2. Faith

    Grosh is SO. DAMN. CUTE!!

    Will he be returned to the wild, or adopted??

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