UPDATE DAY! LeRoy, Itsuko and Admiralty and The Chincoteague Ponies after Irene!

I, like you, love to hear happy endings…

So, today I bring you 4!


I know many of you were wondering about the ponies on the Island of Chincoteague.  We’ve all read the book… How would Misty survive Irene?!

Very well, evidently…

As we reported yesterday, the caretakers of the ponies opened all the gates so the shorties could run to higher ground.  They did.  Happily.  This wasn’t their first clambake.

A reader said that she had seen photos of the very healthy ponies meandering down a road post Irene, taken by a firefighter.  I asked her if she could send them to me, and she did!

Here are the photos of actual Chincoteague ponies taken by an actual Chincoteague firefighter!

Meandering along post Irene... the ponies probably love having the roads to themselves!


The Firefighters name them... this one is Butterfly Kisses.


This is Surfer Dude. He's a little portly...


This is Island Dove.

This is "Got Milk"... hmmm. One of those firefighters has a real sense of humor, eh?! Does she look like a Guernsey to you?


The calm after the storm.



A few months ago, I wrote about Itsuko and Admiralty.

They are both TBs rescued by Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.

This is Itsuko on the day she was rescued.

Itsuko is the great granddaughter of Native Dancer, she raced 99 times, made over $100,000 in winnings, has had many foals – and was left to starve to death.  You can read the original post here.

The good news is that she has been adopted out to Black Beauty Ranch in Texas (owned by Doris Day)!   Theresa can check on her whenever she wishes and all is good!

Here is a photo of Itsuko having her hooficure.  As you can see, she has gained much weight and is on the road to a full recovery.  Nice!

This is a recovering Itsuko, having her hooves trimmed.


Admiralty was the TB who wouldn’t get on his owner’s trailer (bound for …) so the owner used a WINCH to make Admiralty get in the trailer.  It didn’t work.  Admiralty fell under the trailer.  He was dragged.  Animal Control was called.  BHFER came to the rescue and soothed this poor battered boy back to health.  His story is linked here.

Admiralty has incredible bloodlines, too:

His Great, Great ,Grandfather on his sire’s side is the great Nasrullah
and his Great, Great Grandfather on his Dams side is one of the greatest ever – Citation the 1948 Triple Crown Winner.

This is battered, sore and skinny Admiralty on his first day in recovery.

While Admiralty was healing at BHFER, he met Pebbles, another starvation rescue.

Admiralty is a full grown TB.  Pebbles is a tiny pony.

True love bloomed.

And, the most wonderful news… they are both being adopted together into another nearby home!

These two will live together with food and love for the rest of their days…

Here they are... Pebbles and her man. Together forever in a new adoptive home.



You might remember LeRoy, the Wonderpony.  He was found wandering around the parking lot of a Home Depot with a healed over, incredibly nasty, broken rear leg…  The original story is linked here.


LeRoy's healed over but badly broken leg.


LeRoy after his surgery.

Well, LeRoy is still at the fabulous Rescue that saved him, HOOVED ANIMAL HUMANE SOCIETY.  You can follow him or ask them about him at any time.

But, the best part is that he is now walking and playing without any cast at all!  The vets initially thought he would need a walking cast or some type of support forever.  But, he’s fine!  The area is a bit scarred and swollen, but he’s just fine.

LeRoy all healed - a bit swollen from the internal scarring - but healed and happy!

And, he’s also found love…

LeRoy and his best friend spend all of their time together. A very happy ending for the pony found wandering the Home Depot parking lot with a broken leg...


Isn’t this a good day?!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. MistyStormy

    Portly is the norm for Surfer lol. Got Milk’s name comes from her white nose and a squiggly white line marking across the side of her mouth on her other side. Some of the names are their registered names and some are nicknames. Since the registry was founded in 1994 the feral ponies are named by their buyers, the ponies are auctioned off as foals as buybacks and the “owner” gets naming rights while the pony remains the property of the fire department.

  2. Sharon

    Yes, it certainly is a good day! Thank you so much for keeping us all informed.

  3. Linda Horn

    Love the pix and names of the Chincoteague Ponies! Thanks to the kind (and responsible) folks who opened the gates. I imagine getting them back in will be a challenge. Like kids’ first experience in “the big city”!

    According to the Corolla Bankers’ FaceBook page, they seem to have done well, but I don’t think people have been able to comb the entire area.

    No update on Sable Island’s wild horses yet, but I’m sure someone will post on their FB page soon.

  4. Anne

    To the many people responsible in helping these lovely animals…Thank you! it makes one cry to see what has happened to the TB who have given their soul each time they race and then to have someone just leave them for slaughter is sickening.
    The ponies of island are amazing as I visited them a few years ago. Best trip of my life.
    Glad they are okay as well. I know some already had names and are in “Horses Of Color” by Barbara Livingston.

  5. peg

    Thanks for the updates :) I wasn’t too worried about the ponies,this wasn’t their first hurricane..
    Itsuko was the first time I’ve ever seen neck bones! So glad she and Admiralty were found in time. The first time Itsuko was getting a bath,the expression on her face was,”These people know how to treat a princess!”

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