Here is an update from Jasper’s owner… He definitely needs surgery to remove one of the bullets.  Poor guy.  Just standing in his field and he is shot – twice.  Emergency ER, X-rays and now surgery.  I cannot imagine if my horse was shot while hanging out in his own field…

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JASPER saw the specialist surgeon to evaluate the bullet positions.

This is the bullet in his neck. It has gone way deep, just missing so many important parts.

This is the bullet in his thigh. It needs to be removed because it is infected.


The one that went in the back of his thigh is just barely sitting under the skin of his inner thigh. It is easily palpated with your fingertips. It stopped a few millimeters from one of the largest veins in the body. The entry wound on the back of the thigh has an infection. The vet said this is fairly common for injuries in the area. When the horse poos, it is passing e-coli near and into the wound. It ended up squirting out a mass of puss (I was holding his head at the time). She opened it up a little further and flushed it with a medical liquid. I can get you the name, honestly I’m too exhausted to remember it right now. She wanted the wound flushed for a few days, so Jasper is staying at the Oakhurst facility at least until Monday. The surgeon will be back on Saturday, and consult on whether to remove the bullets. The one in his neck, just missed his spine, and major ligaments.  It may be fine to leave in place. The one in his leg could be carefully removed, this would help ensure that no future trauma to the area would press it into that vein. Second benefit to removing it, is that it would be evidence for the sheriff’s office. Will let you know what the surgeon recommends. 

(slight time lapse)

Just got off the phone with the surgeon Dr Blake. She wants to remove the bullet in Jasper’s leg. Surgery is set for about 5pm today. She thinks she can do it standing, which will reduce the cost a bit.  He will stay one more night and I’m planning to pick him up tomorrow morning (provided all goes well).

She thinks the one in the neck will be best staying where it is at. If it causes an infection down the road, it would need to be removed then.

They won’t let me be in the room for surgery, but she said they will take photos for evidence.

If I get any more news, will let you know.
Thank you again for everything!


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