UPDATE and final day to donate for our NOVEMBER BUCKET FUND HORSES: Andre the Giant and Phoenix! You will not believe the difference!

Our November Bucket Fund horses came in – in really, really bad shape.  Truthfully, I don’t think many of us believed they would make it…  The wounds were of unknown origin – and severe.  To read their original story, click here.  But as a reminder, here is a blurry (on purpose) pic of them in their stall at the meat market.  Phoenix had a festering, huge and explosive wound to his rump.  Andre had a huge, festering wound on his left front leg.

All Seated in a Barn rescued these two from the ‘straight to slaughter’ meat market in Texas.  ASIAB simply wanted to put these two down humanely so they wouldn’t have to endure the long, last trailer ride… but to everyone’s surprise, these young geldings are going to make it!  Both of them!!

Update below!

Phoenix and Andre the Giant have a very long recovery, so although we have reached our initial goal to help these two, if you’d like to help with their continued hospitalizations, I’m extending the November Bucket Fund for one more day – TODAY!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU so much for having faith in these two and their recovery!

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Most of us didn’t think that these two would make it. They’ve been in the hospital for a month now… Phoenix had a migrating bone shard from his clavicle that tried to expel at his rump. Andre had a horrible summer sore on his leg, filled with fly eggs.


Phoenix!  Everyone thought that he had an infection that had gone into his spine.  But, we were wrong!  He had an old injury to his chest that broke off a piece of his sternum bone… and that bone migrated to his rump, trying to find a way out of his body.  The vets at OUTLAW EQUINE HOSPITAL in Texas removed the bone chip and most of the necrotic tissue.  Then, they used medical maggots to clean the wound of the deep, necrotic tissue.  All along, he was on antibiotics and pain meds as well as supplements and nourishment because he was very, very sick and skinny.  Great job everyone!  This gelding has much healing time ahead of him.   They think he is approximately 10 years old with a lot of life ahead of him!

On the left, when Phoenix first arrived at Outlaw Equine. This was before they knew what was wrong and were doing whatever they could to help him while running tests.  On the right is today! The bone chip has been removed, the necrotic tissue removed and medical maggots inserted to clean up the deep areas.

Andre!  Andre’s leg had ballooned, was weepy, pus-filled, extremely angry/sore and it looked like he would have to be put down.  But, ASIAB didn’t want to give up on him so they asked OUTLAW EQUINE to stabilize him and look into this wound.  And, they did.  To everyone’s amazement, this horribly infected leg was simply a massive MASSIVE summer sore.  It was filled with itchy and infected fly egg tunnels which needed to be cleaned and healed.  Andre will be in the hospital for a while longer, but he is healing!  Twice daily medical inspections and wraps have been reduced to every other day now… and they are finding less and less fly eggs each change.   His skin is healing in patches and he even has pigment in the new skin!

On the left, Andre when he arrived. They didn’t know what was wrong… On the right, after removing most of the fly eggs and treating the summer sore, Andre has thriving new tissue – with pigment!



–Phoenix being a horse!

Here is the newest video of Phoenix!  He looks so happy and alert!  This video is amazing – no one thought he would survive his wound!

Click to watch the newest video of Phoenix!

–Phoenix’s wound recovery description from the vet!

2nd video of Phoenix where the vet is describing the improvements to his wound!

Click to watch video of the vet describing his recovery

–Andre’s wound recovery description from the vet!

Here is the newest video of Andre the Giant!  It only shows his leg as the vet describes what has happened and how it is healing.

Click to watch the video of the vet describing his update



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