Two mares, TRAPPED IN A STALL FOR YEARS WITH MANURE SO HIGH that their backs rubbed on the ceiling – enduring horrible disfigurement … MEET OUR MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSES: TIA AND SHAKIRA!

I read the horrific story out of Ludlow, MA…  Two mares trapped in a barn for years with manure so high, their backs rubbed onto the ceiling.  Their rescuers, MSPCA, had to dig them out by hand.  Once out, their slipper hooves told the story of horrendous abuse.  So did their teeth full of hooks and points.  The most confusing part… their owner fed them daily while they were trapped in these conditions.  Unbelievable.

Meet Tia (Pinto Quarter horse cross, 11 yrs) and Shakira (Arab cross, 13 years).  Survivors.

Let’s PLEASE help MSPCA rehabilitate these two young mares!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  No amount too small – Could you give them your Starbucks today? 

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This is Shakira. Rescuers could not get into her stall. They had to hand dig to free her. This poor mare had horrible slipper feet and points and hooks in her mouth.  PHOTO credit-mspca-angell

This is Tia. The rotation in her back feed is worse than the front. Her condition is very guarded. PHOTO credit-mspca-angell

FIRST MOMENTS OF FREEDOM.  Barely able to walk, but enjoying  the sunshine.

This is the first afternoon that they were rescued by MSPCA – wearing blankets but not yet seen by farrier or dentist.


I spoke with Heather at MSPCA.  She was THRILLED that we want to help. Heather said that these girls had to be dug out by hand as no backhoe could work in the narrow doors of their barn.  Once rescuers haltered the mares and tried to walk them out, they realized something was very wrong.   First of all, the girls had been in that horrid prison barn for so many years … they were hesitant to leave AND THEN, once they took a few labored steps, all the humans saw their feet…  Vets were on hand to evaluate both mares.

To say the least, the 2 hour drive to the MSPCA facility was stressful for all.  But the girls made it.  They were again treated by vets and bathed.  The farrier specialist came the next day to tend to their feet.  Tia, the pinto, is the worst.  She has very severe coffin bone rotation.

Both mares have horrible teeth but the vets want to wait a bit, until they are stronger.  For now, radiographs, special foods, special hoof care, supplements and love.  Lots of love.  Their condition is ‘guarded’ – especially Tia.  She is the youngest but most effected.  Right now, both mares are on medication to help with pain.  Their feet are being evaluated on a daily basis.

Heather said after all these girls have been through, it is remarkable how loving they are.  In fact, she had trouble taking photos because the girls kept putting their noses into the camera lens.


Let’s please help MSPCA help Tia and Shakira!  We can really make a difference in the life of these mares!  Time to right this horrible wrong!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

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  1. Angie

    This is so horrific! The pain those poor horses have endured over the years must have been excruciating! Across all states the punishment for animal abuse and neglect needs to be much more severe…for many abusers they get barely a slap on the hand, and often go on to abuse more animals later. I hope for the person who knowingly put these two sweet horses through this they get the punishment they deserve.

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