If any of you think 2016 may not have been that good… well LOOK how you all helped so many horses! A REVIEW OF THE 2016 BUCKET FUNDS!

Hubby suggested that I write about all the 2016 Bucket Funds.  He thought that everyone would should be reminded of the great successes you’ve all created this year!

So, that’s what we are doing today!  Reviewing all the good works that all of YOU made possible through your thoughts, prayers and donations.

JANUARY:  In January, we helped Aracely, a rescue mare whose face was horribly infected.  Our donation enabled her to have thrice daily treatments plus a vet and dental exam to make sure her teeth and cheek bones were not effected.

Donation to Double D Horse Rescue ($364)  and Outlaw Equine ($289):  $653


FEBRUARY:  The horses forced to live in muck and mud, infested with ticks and eating only vegetables.  Remember that?…  Tom, Willow and the baby.

I know that Tom and Willow survived and are doing well.  I’m waiting on an update on the baby.

Donation to Sunrise Horse Rescue:  $1790

MARCH:  Last Chance Corral… a donation for their yearly NurseMare Foal crop.

Donation to Last Chance Corral:  $535

APRIL:  “Big Girl” was a draft horse that was worked to the bone.  Her feet were literally gone and they still worked her.  Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang rescued her.  Then, in the middle of the month, they were called to save 8 newborns whose mothers shipped right after giving birth.  So sad.

Donation to Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang:  $2210

MAY:  Oy… so difficult to read this one… Remember the “Hung Horses”?  These were 5 horses who were trapped in a barn for over 2 years and hung from the rafters so that their overgrown feet wouldn’t touch the floor.  Inconceivable.  6 were able to be saved.  And, I’ll have an update later this month!

Donation to Bright Futures Farm:  $3102

JUNE:  In June we helped a horribly hurt mare who was in the slaughter line but couldn’t ship due to a huge gash in her leg.  No one on the feedlot was willing to fix it so it was horribly infected.  Luckily, Falcon Ridge Equine stepped in to help her.

Donation to Falcon Ridge Equine:  $1575


This is Sonata now!!!

This is Sonata now, all healed! – ready for adoption!  Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue in Valley Center, CA. (760) 742-0285

JULY:  The photo that spoke a thousand words.  We helped the wild horse, Read, who was found on a feedlot in the slaughter lane with a halter embedded in his face.  He was rescued by Skydog Sanctuary.  He needed funds for veterinary care and transportation off of the feedlot to safely.

Donation to SkyDog Sanctuary:  $2190


Also in JULY:  We had an emergency Bucket Fund for the wild foals and older horses who were suffering in the heat of Nevada because the water had been moved too far for them to travel safely.  We were able to help LRTC to purchase the equipment to hydrate these horses.

Donation to LRTC: $1050

AUGUST:  Do you remember the pregnant mare with a coffin bone infection – who couldn’t have surgery because she was pregnant… and then the foal was born with a huge hernia?  Hope and Serenity.  R-Vets was offering a huge discount on both of their surgeries…  We raised the money for both surgeries.

Donation to LBL Equine:  $950

SEPTEMBER  Who could forget the huge outpouring of support from across the nation and around the world for Dr. Lee who owns Double Diamond Veterinary Services – she took in 40 unknown horses during the huge Louisiana floods and cared for them all with her own money.  So many of the horses had stood in the putrid water for days that their flesh fell off.  Yet, she didn’t falter and fought long and hard to save them.

Money donated to Double Diamond Veterinary Services:  $17,132

OCTOBER:  The minis who were kept in a field full of burrs that scratched their eyes, stuck to their hair and ruined/killed the stallion, Ziggy’s, eye.  Our donation helped with Ziggy’s surgery and with the treatment of the entire herd’s eye issues.

Donation to Indiana Horse Rescue:  $1125

NOVEMBER:  This  month, you all helped me transport the Stang Gang (Remi, Rojo and Sam) to SkyDog Sanctuary in Oregon.  I will be forever grateful.  I did not have the funds to take advantage of this opportunity for them myself.

Donations sent to Valley View Equine Rescue for Transport ($1400) and funds to Skydog Sanctuary ($300):  $1700

DECEMBER:  23 Mustangs were removed from Nevada and put directly into the slaughter pipeline because they crossed the highway too often to get to water.  Luckily, a local Speedwa owner allowed the horses to all reside there while waiting adoption so the price for board went way down!  I will have an update this month.  All good!

Donation sent to LRTC:  $2090

YOU ALL ROCK!  Well done!  Thank you Thank you!

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  1. Elaine Barriss

    I have contributes to you folks once before while hoping that you were a legitimate rescue… apparently you are legitimate, you are wonderful … I will continue to contribute when I can .. Good and God’s work and thank you

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