The story of Pacifica, who we saved last month!

Last month, we rescued a mare – now named Pacifica.

The last hour before they were to ship the next morning, we received this photo from ASIAB.  The arrow pointed to a mare that they wanted to save in addition to the 42 they had already saved.

The photo was so sad to me because all of the horses pictured, were going to ship.  If I had won the lottery (or any of you, I imagine), I would have taken them all and housed them.  But, I haven’t won the lottery – yet.  So this sad and never-ending pipeline doesn’t end – especially with hay prices what they are in the West (I pay over $35 per bale of grass hay).

Since we cannot save them all, at least we can be happy about the ones we can save.  And, you had donated enough to the Keep Them Off the Truck Fund for us to save Pacifica ($780).  THANK YOU!

This is the photo I received of the horses left in the kill pen.


We didn’t know much about her except that she was skinny but healthy and in her teens.  The vet said he had no idea why she was in the kill pen… Pacifica is mannered and calm and healthy.  Manners really help with adoptions, for sure.  ASAIB feels that Pacifica will be an adoption candidate very soon!

Here she is, in quarantine just a day (and a bath) after being in the kill pen. She looks great!

Here she is after she arrived at All Seated In a Barn. She had a hoof trim and that’s it! This girl is healthy and ALIVE!


“She is doing really good! She Is gaining weight, she actually has a pen by herself to help her gain more weight since being a thoroughbred they tend to need more feed. She is incredibly kind and gentle and will get ridden for the first time next week when Brian is here.”

Very pretty girl with an awesome fly mask!




FUND TOTAL AS OF TODAY:  $45 (Thank you!)   We’ve saved POWDER PUFF 2/7/22 ($800),  EDDIE 2/9/22 ($1200), SURSHA 3/16/22 ($780),  BABY FRED 4/7/22 ($650), “CC” Close Call  5/17/22 ($550), PACIFICA  5/22/22 ($780).

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc has a new Fund button. KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This Fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here. If you want to save a horse or donkey from slaughter, you know we will do that here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!


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