Well, I don’t know much because the auction started at 3pm today and the results are just now in!

But, I do know that all 41 Virginia Range horses were saved! – Plus one mini that was gathered, too!

The StageCoach 8 were bought and secured.  Their new, fenced rangeland was finished by the folks of StageCoach and they are all eager and grateful to have their horses!

The other 33 Virginia Range horses are safe but I haven’t much info yet.


A few days ago, I received this email when I sent the Bucket Fund fees for the 33 remaining Virginia Range horses.  Shannon was the woman who arranged for the purchase of all of the Virginia Range horses:

“Thanks for the bucket additional fund money.  I told Shannon via the phone that it looked like she was going to be able to get the horses sent out and it sounded like she was crying, it made such an impact.  You and Horse and Man really ROCK!


We donated the entire bail money for all 8 of the StageCoach horses… Here is a photo of the finishing touches on their fence that the townspeople built to house their wild horses.

Hi, Dawn.

The weather finally gave us a break and we got the fencing finished for Bandit’s band.  They should be picked up this evening if nothing goes wrong at the sale.  I will keep you updated.  Thanks!

Bandit's fence

Bandit’s fence



Auction’s over.  Paperwork is done.  Bandit and his crew are the legal property of Melanie Hudson who is holding them for the town’s citizens.

Storm coming in tonight.  Some highways closed to high profile vehicles.  We’ll have to board them at the stockyard until tomorrow or Friday but they are legally no longer property of the state.

Will send photos and more details as soon as we can.


Hi Dawn,

You may already have this info , but I wanted to let you know that all 41 horses were rescued at auction today plus a palomino mini which had apparently been set free by it’s owner and was picked up by the Ag. Dept.   All went well.  It was a long day for everyone – after dark before they started driving home.  More info will be available tomorrow.
FYI – We appreciate you too!  Thank you , Thank you, Thank you for all that you are doing.  Horse and Man , and all your readers are fantastic!!!
 Carrol Abel
Hidden Valley Wild Horse
Protection Fund


Evidently, 12,000 emails and faxes went to the Nevada Governor’s office regarding this sale.

It was quite the story that the townspeople had rallied to save these horses…

Clearly, a movement is afoot.

From the power of this movement, the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund was able to hold a meeting with the powers that be – to ask them to send the wild horses directly to HVWHP instead of auction…  We will see what happens.  But, a door was opened.

Thank you, wonderful readers, for caring.

I will keep you updated as the news and photos come in.


I know she was bought and I know they will send us photos.

Her name is Diamond.

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foal baling twine

This filly is safe tonight, thanks to you and the Bucket Fund!




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  1. angela leadbetter

    How wonderful that this generous lady came forth to save these horses! May they live life free & to the full.Many thanks to their benefactor!

  2. Nina Eckhoff

    Such a blessing. I am SO grateful to all that helped save these horses. I am sure many feel as I do. THANK YOU.

  3. Vicki Ricupero

    Wonderful that these horses were all saved!! Money is tight but I’m glad people can afford to give when needed

  4. Silke Goss

    I am so happy that all of the horses are safe! Thank you for posting this update! I donated to this cause and I think it’s great that you post pictures and let everybody know how everything went. Thank you for that!

  5. Nora Macgregor

    So glad these horses were saved may they live a peaceful life now , love from Scotland

  6. Cindy Seinar

    Thank you for the update. So good to hear. Can’t wait to see some add’l photos. Thanks and congrats to all for a job well done!

  7. Lelani Lundgren

    Wow I love this sight, I am from Kamloops Canada and have 4 horses of my own. You guys are so wonderful, I have always been given free horses with little future, and retrained them and kept them until the were taken to heaven. Some can be rode some can’t but all give me the happiness only horses can. I know how tight money is and haven’t donated yet, but I will as soon as I can……Thank you for all you do….For the love of Horses…Thank you

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