I am exhausted and really don’t have the brains to write how I want this to be written…

So, let me just say that I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was frozen in time.  I knew Tess was worse and I knew that bad news was coming.

This morning I got the call.

Dr. E , choked up, told me that the two vets he had consulted with from Kentucky had agreed that her venogram was very, very bad.  Unrecoverable.  Dr. E was sobbing quietly by the end of the call.   “I’m so sorry…,” he said softly.

I knew what this kind and sincere doctor was saying.

At the hospital, she could hardly stand...

At the hospital, she could hardly stand… by the time we got home, her spirit and soul were so uplifted that she practically ran to her stall.

OK, I said… let me think on this.

I picked up the phone and called a reader who had been begging me, in a very educated and logical manner, to call her regarding Tess’ horrible founder.  She spent an hour talking me down and then gave me the name of a founder healer she trusted.

I called that person.

After 2 hours of conversation with the founder healer, I was believing her.  She told me that she had healed worse and showed me many photos as we talked about the severity and the issues.  She told me she had a protocol that would take much effort and a long time… but, Tess should survive it fairly comfortably.

She practically ran to her stall... I opened up a 2nd stall for her to roam on the hard floor, if she wanted.  She found this arrangement quite interesting and agreeable.

She practically ran to her stall… I opened up a 2nd stall for her to roam on the hard floor, if she wanted. She found this arrangement quite interesting and agreeable.  (Yes, I need to clean out those cobwebs!)

She ate with gusto!

She ate with gusto!

My biggest concern was the pain… was I causing her too much pain to continue?

She indicted that there were ways to help MT help herself heal.  And, any pain from this moment onward would be less than what she was feeling right now.

I made the decision to try again… and to bring MT home.

So, I circled the wagons and called in the troops.  I emailed Dr. E and told him my decision and asked him to remove her shoes, which he did.

We arrived at the hospital and MT perked up as soon as she heard me.  I told her to get ready because we were leaving.  She knew.  She walked out of that stall and got into the trailer and practically drove herself home.

When we arrived home, she made it to her stall in about a minute flat – head held high – as the other horses trumpeted her arrival.

Tonight, the Queen is back in the house.

And, it feels good.

She’s happy and I’m very, very happy.

Tomorrow, the uphill battle continues… but for tonight, there is peace in Grass Valley.

Thank you angels, for lending your wings to lift our girl into the trailer and soothe her ride home.  Thank you angels for whispering in her ear and convincing her that she needed to hang on because ‘home’ would feel so much better.  Thank you angels… Please don’t leave us until Mama Tess is healed.  This time, I’m begging you angels to help me with this awesome responsibility.

And rest..

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jannalee Smithey

    Dear Dawn and Mama Tess, I can only second (and third and fourth) what Catherine Mack has written. Please make your way over to the website, as well as the website. With over 11,000 members and thousands of recovered (formerly “hopeless”) horse cases there, you will find tremendous support in helping MT get back to her former self. You can also have a private consult with Dr. Kellon ( e-mail; she’ll be doing on-the-ground consults here in Southern Oregon when she comes at the end of September for the NO Laminitis Conference and I wished you lived closer! Eleanor Kellon made a decision long ago to speak directly to horse owners in ways that other vets tend not to do. She emailed me one Sunday morning years ago to tell me that my mare was in severe iron overload (she gets copies of every iron test done on horses at KSU); I wondered then which of my local vets would’ve communicated with me on a Sunday morning. Please have a look there. The proof is truly in the pudding. With love and blessings to you all, Jannalee in Southern Oregon

  2. Catherine Mack

    Thank goodness that you listened to your friend so many unlucky foundering horses are needlessly getting put down. Over the last 10 years I have brought back 4 badly foundered,( as in down on the ground with bleeding soles) Connemara ponies that are now galloping around with riders ! You can do it too, all it takes is time, courage,( as much on your part as Tess’s), and following Dr Eleanor Kellon’s protocols which can be found on a web site which she monitors. For some reason the knowledge she is sharing freely with the world has not made its way to most Veterinary establishments which is a great pity but Tess needn’t fall victim to ignorance since you seem to have the determination and ability to think for yourself. I applaud you. At any rate, go to there are a whole lot of related groups you can subscribe to but the main group has over 10,000 subscribers and its going strong, Good luck, Angels are helpful, especially one named Eleanor !

  3. Bev Allbright

    When I rode past your place and saw the trailer and the lights on in the barn I had a feeling MT had come home. We are all praying for you and MT.

  4. Thistle

    Did you also remove the Hoof Cinches? They
    do help with the pain!

  5. Kathy Sutton

    Through tears I am sending prayers. Hang in there Mama Tess.

  6. Renee

    This saga is like a historical romance novel – lots of shifts in events and emotions. And in case you don’t know it, romance novels ALWAYS end happily. We are with you 100% in our thoughts and prayers and wishes.

  7. Barbara Wood

    Dawn–all your friends across the country are pulling and praying for you both! You are not in this fight alone.

  8. jill davis

    With happy tears I’m sending more prayers and healing thoughts your way. Keep fighting MT!

  9. Maggie

    I’m so glad you removed the shoes. Barefoot is the best choice. Good luck. Praying for you and Mama Tess.

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