THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY BEFORE XMAS UPDATES!: Autumn, Hope and Teresa Elliott’s Auction!

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AAGGHHHHH!    Are you all ready for the holidays??  I’m not either.

I have finished shopping and shipping, but I haven’t considered my personal appearance.  I don’t have a new blouse or new makeup or any new little ditty to make myself feel special for this season.  Yet.  And, to be truthful, I might not achieve my goal of ultimate holiday personal grooming.  I might just ‘go as I am’ to whatever event comes my way.  Right now, that sounds like the way to go for me this year.  Simple, easy, no frills.

Still, if I had a few denaro extra, I’d buy a faboo red beaded and belled ensemble for Rojo to wear, I think.  If he didn’t like it, I’m sure that flashy Finn would LOVE adornment.

How about you?  Have any of you gotten the perfect outfit, haircut, shoes, glittery accessory or perhaps… a new horse adornment?

I thought so…  Tee hee.

Anyway, enough musing… onward to updates!


Teresa Elliott

This is the gorgeous print that Teresa Elliott donated for the November Special Bucket Fund. Sarah Zweng is the lucky highest bidder and new owner of this wonderful piece!


First of all, I never showed the receipts from the Teresa Elliott auction we had in November.  Silly me.  So sorry!  So, here they are with the exception of the Bucket Fund receipt for Autumn which I already displayed.

Here are two receipts to the two other equine charities that benefited from the generous auction of Teresa Elliott’s wonderful print:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge



As you all may remember, Autumn was our Bucket Fund baby for November (you can read about her here).  She was born in the auction yard.  Her dam passed immediately thereafter… rescuers from didn’t find her for 18 hours… then HOPE FOR HORSES swept in and took Autumn under their wings.  She spent weeks in ICU…

Thanks to the support of the Bucket Fund and many well wishes, Autumn is doing very, very well!

Here is a new video!

Here is another video of the little Princess waking from an afternoon slumber.  OMG!  This is so precious!  Totally like some of us… it take a while to fully snap out of a deep sleep, right?

Check it out!

Click to watch baby Auitumn awakening to her nappy-poo



Hope was our October Bucket Fund baby.  She was born with horribly knocked knees and her previous owners left her out in a field for the coyotes… You can read about her here.

These were Hope's knees before surgery.


Alder Hill Farms rescued her and the Bucket Fund helped pay for her first surgery.  Hope will need two more surgeries but presently, her first surgery was deemed a huge success.  Hope’s right knee is almost straight!

Here are Hope’s knees yesterday!  The right one is doing very well!  The left will need one or two more surgeries.  The good news is that she can run, buck, rear and do everything a normal filly can do!  Thank you, readers. for all of your support!

It rained today so she was wet and muddy, but look at that right leg!


She is a very affectionate filly!


They say that Hope gives the BEST kisses!



This video is taunting, yes… but so darn cute!

Click image to watch adorable video!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. nancy

    Autumn’s pasterns look SOOO much better – she’s not down on them noticeably. Are those some special shoes she’s got on in the front?

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