Do you remember a while back when we raised Bucket Funds for the mini donk, Lila?  She was (and still is) being treated at UC Davis for cancer around her eye and eyelid.  (You can read her story here.)

Lila - before the botched surgery that sent her to UC Davis.

Lila – before the botched surgery that sent her to UC Davis.


As I was speaking back and forth with  UC Davis – working out the details of our Bucket Fund donation – I asked if there are often equine patients like Lila whose ailments are survivable but the owner has to surrender or could not afford the life-saving treatment.

The lovely woman in charge of these things at UC Davis said, “Yes.  Not often, but yes, it does happen where a patient who could be saved, isn’t – due to funds.”


So then I asked if UC Davis would be interested in setting up a fund for Corporations. large donors (or any donor, for that matter)  to donate and receive tax deductible status through UC Davis to benefit those hopeless cases.


So, The Horse and Man Group Compassionate Care Fund at UC Davis Equine Hospital was formed to help those patients whose ability to live was dashed solely because of money.


Now, any donor who would like to make a tax-deductible donation at any time to help an equine (at UC Davis) whose life will not go on without this donation – can!

(Here is the link)


Well… right about this time, State Line Tack contacted me to ask if I would test one of their products and then write about it.

I kinda shook my head and wrote back that my blog really wasn’t about product testing in turn for advertising – HOWEVER, what would really make an impression with readers would be a ‘good deed’.

I suggested that State Line Tack,  instead of advertising, could be the first to donate the the brand new Horse and Man Group Compassionate Care Fund and I’d write about that.


Almost immediately, State Line Tack said:

I proposed your idea of donating to our senior vice president of marketing as well as our ecommerce manager and they asked if we could donate an amount to the Horse and Man Compassionate Care Fund at UC Davis. This way the charity will receive a guaranteed amount of money and it won’t be dependent on a product selling enough or a sale doing well.

We normally donate anywhere from $300 to $400 to equine related charities but can donate up to $500 since this is such a good cause. We’d love to have the ability to help out with other Bucket Fund cases lucky enough to receive your assistance.

Please let me know if this works for you or if we can arrange for something else. We really love the idea of working with you and Horse & Man.

Well, how about that!  State Line Tack sent the check and UC Davis now has $500 in our name to use on a desperate case.

Nice, eh?


IF YOU KNOW OF A DONOR WHO WANTS A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION for hopeless cases at UC Davis where money would make the difference…


Here is the link (and I will respond to your donation) or ‘comment’ or ’email’ me and I will tell you all about it.


Thank you, State Line Tack!  Good Job!



End of the Month Bucket Fund! - Less than $300 needed for The new Hast Equine Water Rescue Harness to save horses during Flash Flood season!!

End of the Month Bucket Fund! – Less than $300 needed for The new Hast Equine Water Rescue Harness to save horses during Flash Flood season!!

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  1. MARY

    Is there anyway readers of H&M could thank Stateline for their generousity…besides shopping at Stateline?

  2. Robynne Catheron

    This is so fantastic, thank you Dawn and Horse and Man Group, and Stateline Tack!
    Cornell University in upstate New York doesn’t have anything like this, either. I wonder, if readers in different states were to propose this to their local state university equine hospital, with Horse and Man Group’s permission and guidance, of course, but finding a different equine store for each hospital, would be possible? Maybe Horse and Man Group could be the “umbrella?”
    Too big?

  3. Claire Kenyon

    What a great idea but why not make it bigger? Wouldn’t it be great if EVERY University had such a fund or at least one on every state? I live in Northeast Florida and know first hand of horses that go without treatment through no fault of their owners. They simply do not have the funds. I would be willing to help make this a reality!

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