Start the HAPPY NEW YEAR with a Success! Our December Mighty Trio Bucket Fund horses UPDATE PICS and their donation receipt!

Happy New Year!!

I thought it would be nice to start the new year with our donation receipt to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs for the Mighty Trio – who were brave enough to break free and alert neighbors to their life of starvation and neglect.


I have heard that both of their personalities are coming forward!  The older mare is VERY possessive of her food (not surprising since she was the lowest in the pecking order and the most starved…) but otherwise is healing very nicely and loves attention.

The younger mare, Sister, still has that big belly.  She is not pregnant, she has been wormed … checked for sand….  No on is sure why she has a big belly, but at least her topline is starting to match the rest of her.

The gelding is feeling so good, he is almost impossible to catch.  So impossible that we didn’t get a photo yesterday.  They wanted to show us his improvement without his coat.  Presently, he is wearing his coat… so we have no update photo.

Here is the older mare. You can see by her eye that she doesn’t want anyone around her when she is eating… but you can also see HOW HER CONDITION HAS IMPROVED!! Thank you, Strawberry Mountain Mustangs!

This is the younger mare, Sister. She still have a big belly … no worms, not pregnant, no sand… So far, we don’t know why. But, her demeanor is very sweet and she is easy to catch and groom!



And, here is our final donation of the year!  We were only slightly short of our goal, so I consider that a Win!  Thank you all for your continued prayers, hopes and support for all of the horses of 2018!

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