“Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me…” July’s Bucket Fund

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Although the above Statue of Liberty inscription was not written for the arrival of weary, homeless and forgotten horses, it totally fits for what I’m writing today…

One of my pet peeves is the forgotten horse.  You know the ones.  The old, the sick, the weary, the malcontent, the crippled…  Where do they go when their jobs are done?  We don’t want to think about that…  These horses are often dumped, sadly.


Having a few oldies but goodies around here, it especially pains me to think of them being left for no good.   Having been fine and wonderful companions for all of their lives and then to be cast asunder when they are no longer valuable for their work ability seems cold and heartless to me.

Who cares for these horses?  Who takes them in when their family has thrown them away?  Who is willing to tend to their special needs? Who?

Well, there are a few Equine Welfare Organizations that do…  I think they are wonderful.  So, today, I’m shining a light on one in particular,  THE GOLDEN CARROT.


The Golden Carrot is a 501c3 Public Benefit Charity.  It is a forever home for older and manageable disabled horses.  They are not available for adoption.  But, as a sponsor, you can help these deserving old horses live a graceful retirement to the end.

How wonderful is that?

Right now, there are 35 horses at the Golden Carrot, all getting the love and support they need.   11 are NOT SPONSORED by anyone at all –nothing.  9 are partially sponsored. It would be great to help them out with all of these non-sponsored horses. I know how hard it is to feed my own herd; I cannot imagine feeding and caring for the ones that need special attention without the much needed financial help of sponsorship.  So, for the July Bucket Fund, HORSE AND MAN is collecting for The Golden Carrot.

I’d like to tell a few stories of some of these non-sponsored horses.  Maybe one of you readers would like to help in your own way.  You could go to the website and look at all of the 35 stories and sponsor a horse you especially like.  Or, you can make a one time donation.  Or, you could drop an amount into our Bucket Fund and watch it grow throughout the month.  In any event, just knowing about wonderful places like this makes me feel better about the geriatric horses.  And, I want to help.  The Bucket Fund takes any amount ($1 – infinity) and applies it to one consolidated donation at the end of the month.

(I cannot even think about how heartsick I would be if one of my old horses was to be left or forgotten…)


Here is a list of all of the unsponsored horses, plus a little story about them.  Their much longer stories are written on their individual pages which I’ve linked to their names.  Please read about any and all of the horses at TGC.   But these few really need sponsors so I’m highlighting them here.

BUCK:  (28 yrs Tennessee Walking Horse)

Buck likes to give rides to little girls

Buck is a 17′ TWH that looks like a Fresian.  He was left without anyone to care for him because as an ex-show horse, he was a little high strung.  However, after years of settling, this champ has decided that his favorite thing is to give little girls rides on his back.  Buck adores kids!

Buck also adores Hava.  Well, adored Hava.  She died recently and he has no buddy yet.  Now, more than ever, Buck needs the attention from volunteers, the girl scouts that come by and ride him, and from a sponsor.  He needs a helping hand…

HAPPY:  (ancient Appendix QH)

Very old and ancient Happy is very happy...

No one knows how old he is because his teeth are so far protruded and worn… he could be ancient.  And although his tongue hangs out and he drools, the boy is very happy!  Happy is self-possessed and spends his time exploring all the areas of the Golden Carrot’s horse areas. He hangs with the other geldings, saying Hi and introduces himself. He was deeply in love with Star, and keeping up with that young mare kept him young!

However, as time went on, Star became enamored of Swing’s Lew and left Happy – to his obvious distress.  However, he’s now dividing his time between Sara and Duke, his stall mates, and seems to be doing fine.

STAR:   (7 yrs OTTB – tattoo)

Beautiful, young star was dumped...

Star is the young miss…  She was abandoned at an Animal Shelter for over a year.   As far as TGC can surmise, she is sound, has no injuries, is very willing, broke to ride and very sweet.  This is the one horse that could possibly be adopted out to the right home.  But, many of the older horses love her so we will see…

Star and Song are very bonded.  The girls are always together.  It is as if Song is the mother Star always wanted…

SONG:  (23 yrs, Arab x Welsh pony)  Song was abandoned because her family

Song, the pony with lots of motor!

was done with her.  She has no real ailments other than old age.  This girl is trained really well.  Put a saddle on her and she is good to go!  Song is a little work pony and takes the kids for rides around the ranch.  She is little but a powerhouse.  She and Star are best buds.

Song has no sponsors.  Doesn’t she have a great face?


Surely's faboo moustache!

(16 yrs QH)  Surely was left by her family to end up in a feedlot in Nevada.  She was terrified.  By the time she was rescued and brought to TGC, Surely was a wreck.  Within 10 days, she was down with an intense amount of severe, stress related ailments.  The worst being  respiratory problems and drylands distemper.  You should see the horrible ailment photos on her page.  Eek.  She was perfectly healthy until she went through the feedlot trauma.  So sad…

But, she survived.  And, she is a good girl with lots of love.  What I think is great is her one-sided moustache.  She doesn’t care and I think it is endearing.  This lovely girl needs a sponsor.
PEANUT:  (24 yr Appy)

Peanut, gorgeous Appy with ringbone

This mare is gorgeous and very fit for her age… She has ringbone and very sensitive skin.  But, she loves to take easy trailrides with the little girl scouts that come around.  Peanut is sweet and easy!

Peanut was adopted by Anna (horse) and her swain Dion.  The three were very happy, until August of 2009 when Anna passed away.  Dion is still attached to Peanut, who could care less!  Lucifer wants to be her man, but he simply can’t keep up with her, so Peanut stands alone ……   Peanut needs a sponsor.


Poor Shawnee, her friends keep leaving.

(25 yr TB mare)  Shawnee has a sad story.  She was very argumentative and hard to be around…  So, she was dumped.  After much work, the folks at TGC are now able to use her for lessons!  She will walk, trot and canter around the ring like the best of them!

Shawnee is still argumentative in the herd.  She will fight with the mares.  However, she loved Domino.  When Domino died, Shawnee began to follow Josh (horse)  around and Josh adopted her.  Then Josh died.  Oy.  Her life is tough… her buddies keep leaving her…  But now Shawnee has Beau and things are good.  This girl needs a sponsor.
DEBBIE (26 yr QH)  Debbie came into the sanctuary with her three goat buddies, Arnold, Jamie Lee and Angie.
It seemed that Debbie’s whole left side was not working correctly.  Trauma?  After extensive work on her, Debbie seems to get around just fine.  She is a very sweet girl.
Sadly, one of her goat friends died.  So, now Debbie spends her time with Mary another horse.
OK, if you have any question about the level of love shown to these horses by TGC, please read this… They lost one of their loved ones on Monday and here is the very moving tribute.  I’m crying right now… He was very loved in his last 15 months…  Read here.

Thank you for sharing this with me!  Please go to the website and look at all of the older horses in need.  If you’d like to help, please Click on the Bucket Fund and we’ll collect any amount you give and add it to all the donations for our July Horse And Man Group donation to THE GOLDEN CARROT.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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