RECEIPTS for The Fallon Saves! And pics of some of them in their New (safe) Homes!

Well, you readers are totally AWESOME!

In just a few hours on Friday, after I made the distress call to help save the last of the remaining horses from the Fallon kill pen, the money was raised in less than 6 hours!!

Not only was the money raised, but the last homes were found for the mare pairs and all of the transportation was arranged.

It was miraculous!

YOU ROCK!  All of you.  Thank you.

And, just to keep a tally… Debra Hawk and her band of do-gooders have saved 56 orphans, wealings, yearlings, mare pairs and assorted youngsters in a little over 2 weeks.  All from the same ranch.



I only have the two receipts for the mare pairs at the moment.  The Bucket Fund is also paying for some of the transportation.  However, the receipts for the transportation are not in yet so I have not reimbursed the drivers yet.   I will post the transportation receipts (approx $1300) as soon as I have an accounting for you all.

*I blocked out the name of the recipient of the mare pair funds because I don’t want anyone to harass the person at the feedlot who made all of this possible.  I know the idea of a feedlot person being a good person sounds inconceivable.  But, he is very important to this operation…

This is the receipt for the first mare pair that we saved!


This is the receipt for the second mare pair we saved!



Most of the horses were moved today (Saturday).  Luckily, some of the new homes took photos and posted them!

This is the feedlot photo of mare pair #53. THE BUCKET FUND SAVED THESE TWO DIRECTLY.

Here they are (#53), safe at home in San Diego! I hear they are calm and lovely!


This is mare pair #49 on the feedlot.


Here they are (#49), safe at home. Aren't they beautiful?!


Here they are on the feedlot (#48).


They are both safe and here is the foal of #48. Isn't he CUTE!


This is #47 on the feedlot... He was one of the last to be saved.


Here is #47 safe in his new home!


Here is #24 "Wild Child" on the feedlot...


Here she is all settled in at home!


Feedlot 13


Feedlot #7


Feedlot #15


Feedlot #25


Feedlot #8


Feedlot #23


13,7,15,25,8,23 All safe in their new home together!


THANK YOU ALL!!  It warms my heart that we were able to help save many of these babies personally through the BUCKET FUND.  You all are terrific!  It isn’t just donations, either.  It is spreading the word and keeping the faith.

We cannot save them all… but we can do our best and this was really, really good.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Barbara

    Good to see them safe. The mares and babies #49,53 were my favorites.

  2. Janie

    Three cheers for the “feedlot” guy! That’s what we need more of…spies!….who can pull out the good horses and save them…(not that all of them aren’t good! But some might be sick or injured beyond repair. They still deserve a more decent treatment in their final days)

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