Rather than trim their OVERGROWN HOOVES, HE HUNG THEM FROM THE CEILING OF THE BARN! Meet our May Bucket Fund Horses: The Hung Barn SURVIVORS!

Brace yourselves…

This is almost too much to bear… but the person responsible for these horses decided to suspend them from the filthy barn ceiling rather than have their hooves trimmed.

5 horses were hung from the ceiling.  6 others were left starving in the disgustingly filthy barn.  A total of 11 horses that never saw the sun, were deprives of food and water (but they could see it…) and some who lost their ability to stand because they were suspended.

5 horses were euthanized on the spot (4 of them the hung horses).  6 are at Bright Futures Farm under excellent supervision and care.

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This is the back end view of one of the horses in a sling attached to the ceiling.

This is the back end view of one of the horses in a sling attached to the ceiling – he did this rather than have their feet trimmed…  makes no sense whatsoever.  The amount of effort to put a horse in a sling and suspend it from the ceiling – has to be more effort than calling a trimmer..

This is a hoof from one of the hung horses.


All donations are 100% tax deductible.  This is so reprehensible.  I am fuming.  This is not ignorance, this is cruelty.

Please let’s get together and help!  Any amount will add up for these poor souls who were deprived for so long – at least 3 years in these horrendous conditions!  Thank you in advance!

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Here are photos of the remaining horses.  I’ve added a few comments from Bev, their new caretaker at BBF.


This is Dolly. They say she falls asleep while being groomed… LOOK AT THOSE FEET.


This is Tanner, a stallion. He is very weak but a good boy. Look at that barn…


This is another stallion, Jet. He was very fearful, but is now a pocket horse. Look at his feet!


This is Cider, a stallion. He is also trying to be a good boy – he just needs some manners.


This is Lady. Poor girl. She is jealous when the others are being groomed and demands attention.

This is Candy, a palomino mare. She loves to be groomed and puts her head in her rescuers arms.

This is Candy, a palomino mare. She loves to be groomed and puts her head in her rescuers arms.


Off, for good! One and a half horses trimmed… A slow but sure process. Imagine the relief!!

HOW THEY SURVIVED IS SHEER WILL. – Please call and write so this isn’t considered a mere misdemeanor.  Info below!

A request from Bright Futures Farm:

Call Sheriff Munsee at 814.226.7611 and the DA, Mark Aaron at (814) 226-4423.

From the day we were able to finally save eleven horses that were cruelly neglected. I say we saved eleven even though we had to euthanize five – because, those five were suffering beyond comprehension and we saved them from another day of agony.
There were only six citations issued for cruelty to animals for the five that didn’t make it. By law, there could have been six citations for neglect for the six horses that survived. Furthermore, only one person was cited, yet there are two people who are guilty.
IF you feel justice was not served for the six remaining horses, and if you feel the offender/s should get the maximum penalty allowed by law, please do two things… make a *polite and professional* call to the Clarion County Sheriff’s office and voice your concerns about only five citations, and send a letter with your concerns to me about this. I will take the letters to court and I want to take A BIG BOX OF LETTERS WITH ME. Reference the horses in Strattanville, PA rescued by Bright Futures Farm with the assistance of the Clarion County Sheriff’s office on May 2, 2016. Mail your letter to: Bright Futures Farm, 238 O.d Franklin Pike, Cochranton, PA 16314. If you read this, write a letter. These horses need YOU to be their voice. How many other barns across the country have something like this going on inside RIGHT NOW. You can help get justice for the five that died and the six that survived.


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This is Lady... and she thanks you.

This is Lady… and she thanks you.

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  1. Michelle

    You would think that the public wouldn’t have to write & call for justice to be served regarding these horses, the abuse is disgustingly obvious to authorities and if they can’t make the right decision to prosecute this man than they are just as bad as the abuser.

  2. Emily McClintic

    I think he needs to be hung up like the horses were and not tended to . He sure didn’t get enough for what he done.

  3. Jenn

    Sent my letter and made my donation… these poor horses deserve justice!!!!

  4. Marie Luby

    Please share and write to the Sheriff and the DA. This situation was horrendous.

  5. Sylvie Hebert

    damn i hate humans…they should be hung…a bullet is too nice for them

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