It is always a heartbreak when horses suffer – but it is even more troubling when the horse is a stallion of a very rare breed.  There are only 650 Fells Ponies left, and this one was imported… He is the 11 year old Fell Pony positively identified via microchip as Lownthwaite Chatterbox.  He came here to help his almost extinct breed.

And now this.

A hopeful breeder abroad – in good faith – exported this stallion to help stimulate the breed, and here he is, almost gone.  We would help any neglected horse… can we help this ambassador to the breed?

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CHATTERBOX STORY… MEGA DOSES OF VITAMIN E & SUPPLEMENTS – NOW!! (Vitamin E depletion progresses to lethal EMND)

Several horses on a particular farm were wasting away.  Although they had hay, their body masses were declining.  No matter what they fed, the horses didn’t improve.

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs in Oregon was contacted because they are known for extreme starvation cases.

Darla from SMM knew these boys weren’t simply starved.  There was something else wrong… So on a hunch, she massively dosed them with Vitamin E.  And they improved – .

Knowing this, the expert Vets involved (UC Davis) now feel this is severe Vitamin E depletion and is very touch and go because severe Vitamin E depletion could progress to lethal EMND (equine motor neuron disease).  This condition needs to be reversed IMMEDIATELY – and the meds/supplements are very expensive.

In the words of SMM:

It would appear they’ve been in this condition for a number of years. They are so completely exhausted that eating is a chore that soon requires a long nap. Both are unsteady on their feet, have skin conditions from spending so much time on the ground, have long feet, need dentals, need wormed and have been dusted for lice. We’ve implemented the UC Davis refeeding protocol, in addition to Purina Well-Gel ($300/ 2 week supply), a specially formulated powder to provide their nutritional needs in a slurry mixed with soaked pellets.   They’re getting ulcer meds and a blood builder and muscle supplement called Cellarator. ($113.00 per lb) plus the Vitamin E supplementation has been crucial. They’re currently on 10,000 iu’s per day, and the Nano E liquid (the most bio available product there is) is $90 per bottle.

Chatterbox came in with his friend, A Gypsy Vanner named, Blue. Blue is very sick as well.


Besides the regular refeeding expenses of a starved horse, Chatterbox and Blue need special, pure and dear supplements to help kickstart his body to accept the mega doses of Vitamin E, and reverse the vitamin E depletion before it progresses into EMND (equine motor neuron disease).  Please let’s help SMM with these expenses and their 24/7 care to turn these boys around!

Chatterbox was invited here.  We cannot let one of the last remaining Fell’s Pony stallions wither away with EMND.  Please help right this wrong.

Thank you, in advance.

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Thank you!


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  1. Helen J

    I have been following the progress of these two horses since They came to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs a few short weeks ago. The care and and time and medication that Darla has put into them has already made miraculous changes in them. This medication regime will continue for many months to come. Yesterdays videos of the two were astounding, given that the videos when they first arrived showed they could barely walk.
    Thank you for featuring them as the bucket fund horses this month.


  2. Delrene from Carlsbad, CA

    Hello Dawn – I’m a bit unclear about how those two beautiful rare ponies arrived so ill, but I was just wondering. They aren’t going to be returned to the person, hopefully. The rescue in Oregon is doing such an amazing job of helping them recover. It must have taken awhile for them to get in that condition.
    Thank you for bringing it to your audience’s attention.

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