PLEASE LET ME KNOW… if you are having computer difficulty when donating to Horse and Man Foundation… I NEED to fix it and need information from those of you having issues.

Hi there everyone!

It was brought to my attention yesterday by a frustrated reader… that he couldn’t make a January Bucket Fund donation – no matter how many buttons he pushed or links he clicked.

Hmmmm.  I don’t want these donkeys to miss out because of technical issues!

–It made me wonder if anyone else was having those issues?!  To be honest, donations have been slow for these donkeys and I don’t know if that is normal, or if people are having technical issues with our donation system?…

So, PLEASE, if you are having issues donating, please let me know through a reply or a comment.  Let me know if you are using a Mac or PC, and what browser you have open that won’t let you donate.  Google?  Firefox?  Safari?

Many, many thanks.  I need to fix it – if there is a problem.  But I cannot create the same issue  here… it all works on my side.   I’m on a MAC.  And, I need to narrow it down to a PC thing or a browser thing.



  1. Here is a direct, tax deductible link:

2)  Or, go to Pay Pal and ‘send money’ to:  (this is the same tax deductible email to accept donations)

3)  Or, mail a check made to HORSE AND MAN FOUNDATION  at 6225 Buckhorn Ridge Place, San MIguel, CA  93451  (I can send a tax deductible receipt back to you as long as you have your return address on the envelope!)

Thank you!!

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  1. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I try to never miss one of your posts. I did not see the one about the donkeys. Are you sure that it was delivered to all of your fans?

  2. Cathe

    I just made a contribution for the January donkeys and had no trouble doing, nor have I ever had trouble in the past. It’s always been an easy process, taking just a few minutes – if that – to do.
    Thank you for bringing these donkeys to our attention and making this opportunity to help them available.

  3. Linda Laddin

    I made a PayPal donation yesterday with no problem. So it does work, at least sometimes.
    Hope it all gets sorted out. Those donkeys need help!
    Thanks for all the good work you do. I live in France and read your newsletter every day. And I get some good ideas from you for taking care of my rescued horses and donkeys. The challenge in winter is the $@#&%^ mud!
    Best regards,

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