These photos say it all… OUR JULY EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND – MEET BLUE BLAZE. She’s 8 months old.

These photos pretty much say all there is to say…

Blue Blaze is an 8 month old paint filly.  She was owned by meth heads.  The AC collected her and United States Equine Rescue League of North Carolina stepped up to take her in and save her.

The vet has seen her and believes she can recover and will recover!

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Blue Blaze was too weak to have any tests run when the vet came to evaluate her…

Her body scale is a 1. She has some sort of a skin infection and she is sunburned.  Hopefully her internal organs were not damaged. Only time will tell.

The vet is coming out again today to run some blood.

Can we help her have the best chance possible?!  USERC has been able to raise $400 through donations, but that is not nearly enough to save this girl.  She needs her refeeding, balanced supplements, constant good hay, medical attention to her skin, Xrays and all the other issues that present with a starved horse.  It will takes months to recover this girl.

Please, let’s help them help her.  Right this wrong.  Starbucks money… Nail salon money?  Anything is wonderful.  Thank you in advance!

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  1. GreyPon3

    I’m so glad to see that she not only survived but actually thrived. I hope she has found a loving forever home.

  2. Jamie

    Would like to know how Blue Blaze is doing or if she even made it! Update please!

  3. GreyPon3

    Those meth heads need locked in a cage and forgotten about. She’ll be such a pretty horse if/when she survives.

  4. dawndi Post author

    I agree. But this horse is in North Carolina… the vets don’t know about it or use it there.
    Too far to ship.

  5. Kay Johnson


  6. Debbie Miller-Rockenhauser

    Bless this poor sweetie. I wish I could give more. <3

  7. Janet

    There is a supplement from MAP that has beef marrow in it. I used it on my Cahlua when she had a bad hoof and hock injury. She healed fully. PLEASE speak to your vet . I am not sure if he knows of it. But it may greatly help her to not get the billowing of her leg bones. My vet was amazed how well it worked for my horse.

  8. dawndi Post author

    How very kind of you… let me ask the Rescue (USERL). i know she is on a special diet by the vet.
    But I’m guessing they might be into it. You’d send it directly to them.

  9. Stephanie R

    Can I donate some equine protein powder ? I can’t tbink of the name off hand but it really helped bulk up my horse that I got from Kill Pen? I could have shipped to you. I have been feeding alfafa pellets, constant hay access, sweet feed, multivitamin and the growth protein. I have been able to get my horse to gain 500lbs since March when I rescued him.

  10. Jenn

    I would like to share this entire story on Facebook, to alert those people who do not have your blog.
    Can I and How do I, do that?? Is anybody anywhere trying to figure out why we are producing
    so many ‘people’ that are lacking any empathy or conscience? It’s the only way we may be able
    to prevent them from being born!

  11. Stephanie Townsend

    Please tell me the owner was charged and arrested for this he deserves to be whipped and starved ??
    #PrayersGoingUp for poor Blaze

  12. Kathleen

    I am unable to donate at this time, but I will pray that you get everything needed to help this sweet girl. God Bless you and the work that you do for these beautiful creatures. Don’t ever stop nor give up. Even moments of TLC are worth the efforts made on their behalf after the hardships they have endured.

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