Our may Bucket Fund Horse, Arby, had his surgery.. AND THE CANCER HAD NOT SPREAD! The eye is out and he is doing great!

Yay! Good news today!

The backstory:

Arby was dumped at a meat auction in Texas because he had a cancerous eye.  He was ridden through the auction.  (I know some of you feel that riding him during the auction would show his handle, therefore making him more valuable.  However,  I don’t like humans who dump sick horses at auctions.)

Read Arby’s story here.

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THE GREAT NEWS!  The vets did surgery without all the funds raised!

ASIAB won/rescued Arby at the auction, immediately put him in quarantine at the nearby equine hospital and had him evaluated.  The vets determined that his bad eye was cancer and Arby needed surgery ASAP before the cancer spread.Well, Arby went into surgery yesterday – without raising all the funds needed.  The vet in charge wanted to make sure TO GET THE CANCER OUT before it spread into the eye socket and then into his body.  He trusted that we were all working on raising the funds.Wow!  Nice!

And today, luckily, we heard that the cancer had not spread!!  Arby will make a full recovery.  This is the very best news!

Please can we help pay for his lifesaving surgery?!   Right now, we have just over $1200.  Arby was such a good boy at the auction, during transport and during surgery – and he is only 14 with a huge life ahead of him. All donations are 100% tax deductible. THANK YOU in advance!

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Now that he is out of the cancer pain and given great nutrition, he can gain weight and recover!

He loved being brushed and didn’t want her to quit!

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THANK YOU in advance!

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