December Bucket Funds are always tough…  People are using their excess dollars to gift others and put smiles on faces during the Holiday Season and not concentrating on Charities.  I totally understand.  Me, too.

But, today, I have to tell you about our Bucket Fund Ambassador, Buddy.  His photo is the one I have been using to depict his cause:  The older and forgotten horses from THE GOLDEN CARROT.

Sadly, as with all older horses, they pass.  Sometimes unexpectedly.

So, once again in this tragic month, I am posting a tribute written by the one who cares for them all.  I cannot imagine the pain involved with knowing that you will eventually bury so many old friends – but two in one month is hard to wrap your head around… (Click here to read Oso’s tribute who passed earlier this month.)

As they say, somebody has to do it.  Somebody has to come forth and take care of them.  Somebody has to be their champion.

God Bless you, Golden Carrot!

And, Godspeed to you, Buddy.  May you run with Oso always.

So today I post this message celebrating Buddy – who even in his last month of life touched so many with his honest and engaging Bucket Fund photo.

Atta boy, Buddy.  Atta boy.



Click to enlarge - (this is the same photo I have been using for the December Bucket Fund and that I used on all the Holiday Donation Certificates.)






Buddy and his recently past forever friend, Oso. They are together now.


CAN WE HELP the Golden Carrot with their grief, the burial, and the continued care for these older wonderful souls?

Thank you all for your care, concern, tears and donations.  Truly, every dollar helps one of the lucky horses in the care of The Golden Carrot.

If you receive this via email, click here to donate!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Susie

    I am so incredibly touched by every story on The Golden Carrot’s website. I have to have a box of Kleenex next to me whenever I read one of their memorials. I still cry when I think about Daphmar and Oso. The dedication of The Golden Carrot has touched my heart. I immediately went and signed up for igive.com and donate to The Golden Carrot.

  2. Margaret

    Thank you Dawn for supporting TGC. I have been a partial sponsor of Sara for a few years. It’s such a struggle for Casey to make ends meet. I know she appreciates it.

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