OCTOBER BUCKET FUND RECEIPTS and updates on the Mustang orphaned babies!

You probably remember the story of the 24 year-old, skinny mustang mare with her baby who were saved by Skydog last month… plus the 4 orphaned foals that Skydog rescued as well.  Here is the Bucket Fund receipt for our November Bucket Fund as well as more news below.  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

You can read the original story, here.

Our October Bucket Fund receipt for helping Skydog care for the wild old skinny mare with foal and the 4 orphaned foals.


The Amazing news is that Skydog took in another mustang mare who had lost her baby… and the phenomenal news is that the mustang mare who lost her baby ADOPTED the 4 orphaned foals.  Yup.  It took courage to put a wild mare in with 4 wild babies… but it worked!  Great idea, Skydog!

Incredible.  Heartwarming.  Awesome.

In fact, The Dodo wrote a story about it!  You can read that story and watch the video here.

Click image to read more about the orphaned babies and a mare who had lost her foal…

One picture tells it all…



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