My Thanksgiving Request.

Today is the last day of November and the last day of our November Bucket Fund.

As usual, you readers have been wonderfully supportive and generous!  Yay!  Greatly appreciated!  But, alas, we are short of our goal.  (You can check the thermometer here.)

So, here is my request.  Simple and short.


If you have ever enjoyed, or “Ah Ha’d” or laughed or learned or felt better or helped a friend or found anything beneficial from this blog and you felt that if I was around you’d pat me on the back or buy me a cup of coffee…  today is the day.  My request is that I want to take every one of you up on that cup of coffee or bottle of wine today via the button.  It means a lot to me and I would be very grateful.  Very, very grateful.

Most Sincerely,

Blogger Dawn

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  1. Anne

    hello ! that’s a beautfiul Donkey: I was just comparing in my mind the pix of this Donkey to the other Donkey Foal at BLM Corrals;

    this doneky like he is in heaven; the blm donkey like a P.O.W.; imo

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