More photos of the adorable donkeys that we are helping save from the donkey tea industry.

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Essentially, these 50+ donkeys were saved from a Texas kill pen where they were destined to be sent over the border for the Donkey Tea Trade.  Hard to believe, but tea made from donkey hides is a popular cure-all item in China.  So sad.

However, the good news is that we are helping ALL SEATED IN A BARN with their epic save of all of these donkeys.  Food, shelter, meds, farrier, more accommodations and necessities…

Here are some additional photos of the donkeys.  Some skinny, some pregnant, some tall, some short, some wounded, some not… all kinds of burro sentient beings now have a new lease on life!


All donations are tax deductible!  THANK YOU in advance!  We are 3/4 to our goal!

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