MONDAY UPDATES: Slick, Star, Spirit and one of the Fallon horses!

First of all, thank all of you who wrote to wish Slick a speedy recovery – and all the great ideas and remedies.

I wish I could say that all is better, but it isn’t – yet.

I gave him tons of soaked beet pulp and yogurt and tapioca.  Of course, it is probably too soon for any real changes but I just feel that it isn’t sand.  I think it might be worms…  Even though he is on a rigid worming program, I think maybe he has a bad case.  Dunno.

He also feels like he is getting even skinnier.

So, although he is acting fine, I am very worried.  I’m going to call the vet out first thing Monday morning.  I would like to do a senior panel on him.

I also went ahead and ordered a Panacur Pak.

–Holding my breath until the vet arrives.

My little buddy, Slick. I have a call into the vet… He needs to get better.



Well, for some good news, lookey lookey at our girl, Star!   (click here to read her story)

Star was our August Bucket Funder and look at her today!  She is wearing the braces 14 hours a day now!  She can trot, is gaining weight and she thrives on attention!

The other day they had a Meet and Greet with all of her fans from her hometown.  Star was trailered to a large ranch for the event and she saw her first Longhorn.  Evidently, she ‘ran’ over to it!  Ha!  What a curious girl!

This is Star from her fancy Meet and Greet party with her fans last week!



I received this update on Spirit.  Wow!  She looks great!

Do you remember her story?  She is almost blind (born that way) yet she lived in a huge herd on large acreage.  Sadly, the poor girl ran into the barbed wire and had fallen often, cut herself often and impaled her chest.

BHFER rescued her and has done a great job!  Spirit was our July Bucket Funder.

Here is the update from BHFER:

Spirit the day we picked her up.  Injury on her face that went to the bone – her face was an oozing bloody mess.  An injury to her chest that went to her sternum bone and she had many other open injuries.  She had bite and kick marks all over her.  She was thin.  Living on 20+ acres with many other horses, including studs, must have been pretty scary for her.  I just can’t imagine what she went through.

Some of Spirit’s injuries..

And just look at Spirit now!  Granted, she has some scars that she will wear for life – they are a reminder of her strong will and love for life.  She is beautiful.?

Spirit today! Thanks to you readers and the wonderful care of BHFER.

It’s been a real blessing having Spirit with us but it’s time for her to have her own human.  She is a bright, happy, trusting, healthy horse that is willing to please.  She needs training but with someone that starts her from the ground up, using natural horsemanship methods, she will be an awesome student.  We truly believe she would make a nice trail horse.
Please spread the word that Spirit is looking for a home – it would be a wonderful thing if she could find a home of her own before the upcoming holidays!


In September, we lost our Bucket Fund mare, Ambrosia.  So, after her medical bills were paid, we diverted our attentions over to the Fallon feedlot where we helped pull several horses from their untimely death – well, actually, the horses were already saved by the time we had gathered our funds, but we paid for trailering, doctoring and food for them while they waited for their new forever homes.

I found this photo on my FB page.  The caption said it was one of the mares rescued from Fallon in September.  This to me is so touching… To think that this mare was soon to be butchered astounds me.  I feel so grateful to you all – everyone who aided in this immense rescue – for giving a second chance to horses like this one.




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Any Last MInute Bucket Fund helpers who’d like to donate any amount and add a name to the hat for this TWH mare from the Castaic Horses we are helping this month? She is HUGE! And very well mannered! Click image!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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