MEET BARBARA, the WRY MOUTH FILLY – Can we get her to the Univ of Tennessee for Surgery?! PLEASE FORWARD

Barbara was born with a wry mouth.  A few years ago, this would have been a death sentence because horses with wry mouths have difficulty sucking milk and chewing grass… But now, science has caught up with this congenital deformity.   Mild to moderate wry mouth can be remedied with surgery.

An expert surgeon in wry mouths, Dr. Schumacher from the University of Tennessee, has offered to help Barbara for a very reduced rate.

Can we help baby Barbara get to her surgery appointment in Tennessee?

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When Barbara was born, her owner knew that she had to give Barbara a fighting chance.  She knew that this little filly had the will and the fortitude to survive any way she could… so her owner dug in and helped Barbara fight.

For the past 3 months, Barbara and her owner have worked together to help this filly grow.

Feedings were often and arduous.  Barbara’s dam didn’t like the way a wry mouth felt and wouldn’t allow her to nurse.  So around the clock milk feedings and training, training, training to help teach this baby a way to nurse from her Dam and drink from a bottle.

Barbara is sweet, strong and very intelligent.

Barbara, at 3 months old,  is a great student and has learned how to stand on a platform to nurse – or to nurse from her bucket.

SHE IS BIG AND STRONG… BUT WILL SOON NEED TO CHEW TO SURVIVE — this can be fixed, and an offer is on the table!

In her remaining hours, Barbara’s owner started a Go Fund Me page for her filly and has raised almost enough for the greatly discounted surgery offered by the well known wry-mouth surgeon from the University of Tennessee, Dr. Schumacher.

But, she is still a bit short the money for surgery/recovery and does not have the extensive transportation fees needed to bring this filly safely from Dripping Springs, Texas to Knoxville, Tennessee – twice.

Barbara with her devoted owner who is working night and day to secure the funds for her filly’s life changing surgery – very far away.


Can we help this devoted owner and fighter filly reach her life-changing date with the surgeon?!  Her owner has tried so hard and done so well… we could really help her with this last push to save her girl.

Please, let’s help them… Thank you in advance for saving this sweet girl’s quality of life.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Every drop in the bucket adds up!  WE can make a huge difference in all of their lives by helping!

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Thank you!!!

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  1. Suzan L Jackson

    They did most excellent surgery on Barbara. She is a very pretty looking young lady and obviously has brains to burn. In the right hands, she will go far. All the best to you, Barbara for a very bright future whatever it may be

  2. dawndi Post author

    I wondered the same thing… but I could find no information that said the condition was genetic.
    All said there was no evidence of any cause. They think it is position in the womb. But, who knows, right?
    I do know that 2 other wry mouth horses have had surgery and done very well.

  3. Lilian Allred

    It is so sad to see any deformed baby, but in my opinion, there must be something her genetic make up that caused this condition. I think the filly should have been put down. She may never have a good life no matter how much is spent on her. If they fix her and she lives to breeding age, she may get bred and cause this travesty to to happen to other foals. could go on and on like HYPP is going.

  4. dawndi Post author

    Good idea. I have suggested Fleet of Angels… I think it has to do with her needing to have special help to drink milk along the way.
    She cannot nurse or eat hay. A person has to ride with her and they need to stop more often. But, this is a good idea.

  5. Judith Graves

    Let’s put together a transport chain to help defray the cost of getting her to Tennessee.
    We are in East Texas and can take one long leg. If someone can get her to us in Gilmer, we
    can take her to Memphis, TN. Have you tried to throwing this idea out to equine rescue
    social media?

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