March Bucket Fund filly, Keona, is almost ready to foal!!

We have two March Bucket Fund fillies – both tribal horses who were dumped, pregnant and starving, at the feedlot.  Luckily, they were pulled by LBL Rescue.  We are helping with medical expenses and starvation refeeding during pregnancy, teeth work, farrier work and the upcoming babies!

Right now, we are 2/3rds the way to our goal!


Keona is close to foaling!  Here you can see her milk vein and that she keeps biting her sides.  Soon!

And, her topline looks better already!  Great nutrition in small amounts, often, is really helping!

Her milk vein is popping!  Yes, she is still super skinny, but she already looks much better!

Biting her sides…


MARCH BUCKET FUND!  SO SKINNY, THEY HARDLY LOOK HEAVILY PREGNANT, young, starved and left on a kill lot… MARCH BUCKET FUND tribal fillies: Keona and Kiki!

WE ARE 2/3 there!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU!

Click here to donate!  (Thank you!!)

CLICK HERE to read their story!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Yes! I follow her! Love it. I was going to use her videos but she only posts to FB and not You Tube (where I can get a copy that everyone can see…)!

  2. Pat

    Dawn, If you haven’t yet see this, check out Emma Massingale on facebook. She does some pretty wild adventures with ponies,,,lots of ponies. Especially check out March 16 when she takes them trecking on the moors.

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