I received an email from a reader, asking me to look into this situation and perhaps grant her wish that these horses become a Bucket Fund.

Here is part of her email:

I am hoping, very much, that this rescue could be a potential Bucket Fund recipient.

I have attached the heartwrenching video, exposing a hoarding/neglect situation that exceeds most I’ve ever seen.  21 horses have already perished at this woman’s farm.  15 of them in January ALONE.  The SPCA has fallen down on the job in a bad way here.  It wasn’t until this video clip was broadcast on the news, that public outcry drop-kicked them out of complacency to actually do something.

This woman was given an order to comply, was under veterinary supervision, and yet horses still dying.  The last one died just 6 days ago.  Finally, a rescue was allowed in yesterday to start taking horses out.  Not sure whether they’ll all make it…body grades right now are 0-1.5 I’ve heard.


OMG.  The conditions were deplorable and very sad…  Here were all these horses, trapped inside stalls inside a barn – starving.  The stalls were filthy.  The horses were filthy.

Poor, emaciated faces stood clamoring for attention from the news crew, sticking their scrawny necks outside their bars, pleading at the humans…

“Anyone, someone please take us out of here and feed us, please!”

Below are some photos from the video.

You can watch the video here, but be aware that the person recording the news segment from her TV is crying throughout…

Images from the News Video about the starving Markdale horses.

Images from the News Video about the starving Markdale horses.

markdale2 markdale3


It is true, many of the original horses died, trapped in this hideous barn.  But, some were rescued.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue in Haggersville stepped in to take 10.

Immediately, the vets and assistants triaged the new and very emaciated, sick horses.

Here is an intake photo of one of the horses, Prince.

I think this photo says it all…

Prince.  An emaciated Arab stud.  He is being administered to by the vet.

Prince. An emaciated Arab 6 year old TB gelding. He is being administered to during his intake at WHHR.

Prince falls and struggles... In the next photos, he rights himself.  He survived the first night.

Prince falls and struggles… In the next photos, he rights himself. He survived the first night.


This is Prince on the ground... he almost didn't make it the first night... his caretaker breaks down next to him.

Prince regains some strength and rights himself. So far, he has survived.


Here are some of the other 9 horses who are all in a struggle for their lives…

This is Cary.

This is Ravenwood Cary – 16 yrs.  Arab mare.


Red, 8 year old Arab stallion


This is Raven.

This is Bassquette, a 15 year old Arabian mare.


These are Basquette and Raven... eating together in safety.  Can you imagine the relief they feel?

These are Bassquette and Raven… eating together in safety. Can you imagine the relief they feel?


Haven’t they suffered enough at the hands of humans?  Can you imagine the horror of being stuck in stalls, starving together, unable to touch yet able to watch 21 of your herd – die.

And, (if you watched the video…) there was hay.  They could see it.

It makes me sick.  All of it.

Please help Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue help these deserving horses.

If you receive this post vie email, click here to donate.




"Thank you."

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jackie

    There are no words to discribe the sadness in this horrible abuse case. If only we could take the law in our own hands. This woman should be treated the same way as these poor horses were treated. And then there is Jennifer our OSPCA officer that oviousley isn.t doing her job as this has been going on longer than should have been. Maybe more people should know the truth behind this sad story …. We need to make sure that the awarness of this and so many other Animal abuse cases are put out there We need to speak for those who can;t speak for themselves.

  2. BradPaul

    WH has done a great thing by taking in these horses. They seem to have some PULL…why NOT take them ALL…before the REST die.

    Tried to tell WH about PAST things…but they CUT me off their FACEBOOK because I brought it up…why is WH protecting the woman that starved the horses

  3. Cherie Dodds

    This is plain animal abuse. There are no excues. The woman should go to jail, and be given food once weekly. Her cell should not be cleaned, she can stand in her own stench. We have too many excuses for people and their problems, and why they do horrific acts. I’m hoping we get an update on how the dominoes fall, and if they don’t, would like to hear that also. Makes my blood boil. Glad to be able to donate to such a worthy cause. Cherie

  4. Donna Gunness

    I have successfully made a ‘payment on account’ to Cayuga Feed and Farm Supplies, which is the feed store that Whispering Hearts uses. 905-772-3132 It’s an easy way to help for anyone who is at all nervouse about donating on line. Don’t let internet nervousness stop anyone from helping these horses!!!

  5. Karen

    Horrified, that’s all I can say. I hope these poor guys find the love and healthy life they deserve.

  6. Maggie

    This likes like a typical hoarder situation. They need to get the horses out of there and get that woman help if she is a hoarder. The ASPCA needs some updating also. I’m very surprised and pleased to see the donations have boomed up. Bless you all.

  7. Ellee Pride

    Thank you so much for helping these horses. I am somewhat local to this situation and am blessed that I know some of the great women and men that stepped up and had a hand in getting at least some of the tortured (I know no other word for what happened to them) horses OUT of this prison. Empathy is what sets your blog apart from the rest. Thank you again.

  8. RiderWriter

    Completely horrifying. Unfortunately, also NOTHING NEW – this seems to be happening all over the place! And that was a NICE BARN. Also nothing new – obviously a case where someone got in way over their head. But of course that is NO excuse for locking horses and up and starving them. They could have let them be rescued… but noooooo, I’m sure they were “too valuable.” Really, they’re better off dead??

    I would like to say some Very Bad Words right now in regards to the owner of these horses. Very bad.

    And WTH was up with the SPCA??? How could they go there and not seize the animals when there were dying practically right in front of them? I do not understand.

  9. Arliss

    OMG. How horrifying and heartbreaking … those poor, beautiful horses. Hoping all the rest are saved, return to health, and live happily from now on. Bless you for spreading the word about them and to all those who are helping.

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