LAST MINUTE JANUARY BUCKET FUND HORSE: SAINT – He was abandoned in the desert. Instead of trimming him, they cut off his toes. WE CAN HELP!

I know it is last minute for January, but I think we can do it for this boy!  Not much money will make a huge difference in his life!

Meet Saint.

Although Saint is still a stallion, he is very kind, gentle and surprisingly trusting and friendly considering his neglect by humans.

Saint has been let loose in the Nevada desert 3 times. The last time he was caught, the brand inspector said he had slipper feet and very swollen legs – the owner was told to get Saint’s feet trimmed.  Instead, the owner hacksawed off Saint’s toes and subsequently let him loose in the desert again.  This horse was found – once again – and recognized.  Saint has very swollen joints, hacksawed, mis aligned feet and is in a very malnourished condition.  Saint will never be returned to his previous owner.

A very little bit will go a long way for Saint!  Neglected, Let loose in the desert three times, horribly underweight, swollen joints due to extremely long slipper feet which were hacksawed off –  and he is still STALLION.

They estimate $800 for proper care and nutrition, gelding surgery and several proper feet trims to fix his hooves and knee swelling and ready him for adoption.  We can make a HUGE difference for this horse.  Please let us turn his life around!  Right the wrong.  Saint will NEVER be returned to his previous owner.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance!

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Saint was picked up by LRTC after a brand inspector was called about a loose horse in the Lake Lahontan State Recreation Area.  The brand inspector recognized the horse as he had been loose previously with the owner continuing to neglect him.  The last time he was picked up and returned to his owner, the owner was told to take care of his slipper feet (horribly overgrown).  Instead of trimming the hooves, the owner TOOK A HACKSAW to Saint’s feet.

This horse will never go back to his previous owner and was turned over to Wild Horse Connection.  Saint is not a wild horse, but WHC and LRTC made an exception for this “very sweet and kind horse, hence his name, who deserves to be treated well.”

Saint needs several proper hoof trims, good food, some training and gelding surgery.  The vet says that Saint is a teenager but will do well with gelding surgery after he has stabilized and gained a few hundred pounds.  The feet are being addressed immediately.

Saint is a stallion but there was no issue catching him and bringing him in. This is Willis from LRTC who caught Saint. Willis said the poor guy was in horrible, skinny shape and could hardly walk with his long feet and swollen joints. They had no idea he was a stallion until his vet check!

His toes were hacksawed off at a very bad angle which has made movement difficult. All of his leg joints ligaments and tendons are swollen.











A LITTLE BIT WILL GO A LONG WAY FOR SAINT!  We only need $800 to right this wrong!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you!

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