JUNE BUCKET FUND RECEIPT as well as, WHAT BIRDS do you have in YOUR feeder? Here are a few of mine!

You all rocked it again by coming together and reaching our goal for the two malnourished and slipper footed stallions.  I’ve heard that Tiny is not out of the woods yet, as his feet were very bad… but Rowdy is doing great!

Tiny still has sore feet, but Rowdy is doing very, very well! Thank you!

Our donation exceeded the goal of $750 per horse! Thank you!!!

AND NOW… just because I’m looking out my window… WHAT BIRDS ARE IN YOUR FEEDER?

I don’t know much about birds, but I love to watch them.  (I still have not befriended the ravens we have here…)  I’ve put a feeder in the back yard outside of the kitchen.  I like to watch them feed (and fight) out there.  Today, I found doves and smaller birds.  I don’t know what they are but one had a red chest!  Such beautiful little dinosaurs.  (If you see a baby bird or a bird skeleton, they look like dinosaurs to me.)

–Send me photos!  I’d love to see the birds where you live!

(I’m taking these photos through my kitchen window and with the zoom on.  Not the best.)

Here are the doves, picking up the seeds that have fallen. The little bird next to them is about ready to leave…

This is my hanging feeder. I got it at Tractor Supply. I think it is a planter. Anyway, I fill the planters with seeds and hang it in the back yard. There are three birds here. One on the edge, the red one in the center and then a little one INSIDE the feeder. you can just see his head.

Here the doves run off the little red chested bird.


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  1. Calvin48

    I moved to Colorado from Iowa one year ago. We live at 8,000 feet here and it was 120 feet above sea level in Iowa, so the birds are very different. I enjoy the Magpies very much; they love the suet cakes. They are bold birds that will sit on the horses and play with the dogs. I keep my feeders right outside the living room windows so the house cats can chatter at them. We have another bird called Wilson’s Plover, that looks like the Iowa Killdeer, but is smaller and has a beautiful Meadow Lark – type song. These birds tend to sift through the horse manure looking for oats and bugs. Nearly every day I see some beautiful Blue Birds. Iowa has the Eastern Blue Bird, but these are blue all over. We also have Stellar’s Jays, which are an iridescent blue and black and have a feathered crest. They like to eat dried corn that’s on the ear. We have three types of finches, including the House Finch with the red breast that you have in California, and which can also be found in Iowa. I do miss the Robins; a few migrate through here in the spring, but they don’t hang around. I have yet to see a Redwing Blackbird here, but they nest in Iowa. I also miss the Eagles, which are thick as flies in Iowa. There are Turkey Vultures here, but again, many more in Iowa. Last summer a pair of Eastern Pee-Wees nested in the barn. They were around in the spring, but decided to find another spot for their nest in 2018. I’ve seen Swallows feeding over our property in Colorado, but in Iowa we had Barn Swallow nests in the barn and run-in sheds and Cliff Swallows nested under the nearby bridge over the Cedar River. The climate here is cooler and significantly drier than it is in Eastern Iowa. We don’t have a lot of insects, which is lovely for the horses, but it’s tough for an insect-eating bird to make a living. I would send some photos, as you requested, but I don’t know how to do it. Do I just hit reply and then email them?

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