Last month, we donated to the Mama Tess’ Old and Forgotten Fund for the oldsters at The Golden Carrot.

We almost made our goal and that is GREAT!  Below is a note from The Golden Carrot:

Thank you Dawn, and would you please convey to your Horse & Man followers our deep appreciation? This will go a LONG way to providing for the oldsters here at The Golden Carrot, so often forgotten and dismissed after a lifetime of service. Here at the Golden Carrot we don’t do a lot of dramatic extreme things. We provide a peaceful sanctuary where the needs and desires of the horses come first. It’s not about what they can do for us, anymore. It’s what we can do for them. Because we don’t get horses too often from dramatic situations, we don’t get the big exciting donations; because we don’t adopt the horses out, we don’t get adoption fees. So gifts like this mean everything! Being able to provide a full belly, vet and farrier work as needed, occasional treat (yes, carrots EVERY day!), and occasional extras such as shavings in a muddy stall, is all we really do, leaving the horses time together to heal themselves and live the life Mother Nature intended them to live from the start. I’ve been so happy when a horse has years here, but sometimes it’s only a few, and in a couple of sad cases, it was only a few months. Little enough after all they’ve given us, right? Giving their stories a forum on your site, and raising money to help them, makes you and your supporters golden, in my view – I can’t thank you enough for helping The Golden Carrot horses!

Our January Bucket Fund receipt.

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Trace and Jeeps groom each other


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