IRON MAN’S Final Bucket Day and some photos I really liked…


Sometimes a photo just strikes me…  I saw this photo today and I really liked it.  I thought the depth of field was very nice as well as the combination of colors.  The Photog is new to me.  Her name is Kathy Higgins and here is her website.

I also like these two.  They are both from Ron McGinnis and I’ve shown his work before.

I like the “Dry Dock” because the colors are so peaceful to me.  It reminds me of when I lived in Oregon on the Willamette River.  So lovely in the summertime.  The evenings were the best.

This photo of the horses made me laugh.  I know that sounds wrong because they look like they are fighting.  But, actually, they were playing.  I thought his caption, “Its all fun and games until someone looses and eye” was perfect and it brought me back to thoughts of my grandmother.

I hope you enjoy these candid shots…


Well, today is the last day to donate to Iron Man as our Bucket Fund Boy for this month.  I’m actually sad to let go because I love these survivor Wild Mustang babies and I love seeing them progress.

In the last week, the babies have all been halter trained and started to lead.  Shirley sent several more photos that I have attached.

Also, Shirley is taking adoption applications.  (Oh, I wish!  I would looooove to adopt IM!) Here is what she says:

We are in Dayton, Nevada   Sort of in between Tahoe and Reno and a little east. If folks would like to fill out applications, the forms are located at:

I like to do phone interviews first so I can get acquainted with the family that’s applying and get a handle on their expectations and answer any questions they may have. Our phone is 775-246-7636. Folks that are applying for babies need to have at least one other horse on property that would be accepting of a small one.

So there you have it…  Our Little Man will turn over the donation baton to another Equine Welfare Organization tomorrow and relinquish his Bucket Fund hold on my heart.

I just wanted to ask you to donate today, if you haven’t already.  The care for these foals comes straight out of their keepers pockets and everyone would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.  Please give if you can.  $1 is fine.  Any other amount is fine, too.  And, from me to you, THANK YOU for all the Bucket Fund donations thus far.  I love this Fund and am thrilled to be able to gift these babies with all of the final donations tomorrow!  Click the donate button and thank you.  (More pictures below…)

school fundraising ideas

Austin taking Bella for a walk...


Ring of Napping Babies

School Days: Picking up feet

Austin and Iron Man playing

Babies visiting with the donkeys on Halter Day

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