How about some great news! Here is an update on TROUBADOUR

Do you remember Troubadour?  He was our Bucket Fund colt back in February 2019.  He was trapped in a filthy, dangerous stall with open corrugated metal, broken pallets on the floor, hideous water and no food.  The poor boy was skinny, smelly, wormy and a mess.

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This was his home

This treacherous environment…

Dirty, disgusting, full of larvae water

Even through his winter coat, you can see his bones. Note the too small halter markson his face.


Troubadour is in a special event for training we do each year called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off right now.  It concludes at the end of August, and he will be adoptable then.  If interested, please contact Heart of Phoenix.

He is  now 4 years old, Standardbred X Tennessee Walking Horse

Here is his trainer’s page with more photos!

The event is : August 20-22 2020 in Winfield, WV.   Here is the page for the competition and adoption event! 

Troubadour is 14’3 right now.

What a difference, care, love, nutrition and time will do.

Gorgeous boy.

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