We tend to focus THE DROP IN THE BUCKET FUND on the shocking cases… the desperate cases…

But equally as shocking are the number of old, sick and no longer capable horses that are thrown away by their owners.  There are only a few rescue operations that care solely for these elderly horses.  And, they are not well supported .

Truly, this makes me so sad…

…Because I know how viable MT was for many years after she was no longer capable of anything other than living – and because I’d like to think she’d approve – I am naming our January 2017 Bucket Fund after her.  Mama Tess’ Old and Forgotten Fund.  This will benefit the elderly, sick and otherwise forgotten (dumped) horses of THE GOLDEN CARROT.

You can click here to see all the oldsters that need help or sponsors…YES, YOU CAN SPONSOR OR PARTIAL SPONSOR any of these elderly horses!  That would be great!  Just go to this link and read their stories with photos!

Or, put a drop in the bucket (tax free donation) and we’ll send the accumulated donation at the end of the month to help them all.  There are 35 horses at The Golden Carrot.  $75 per horse (a month of hay/special feeds) x 35 = $2625.

Donations are 100% tax deductible!  In honor of Mama Tess, a lovely old mare, I am very, very grateful for your donation.

Mama Tess. An amazing old gal who taught me so much in her later years. She was amazing. I could not imagine throwing her away once she was no longer able to work.

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These oldsters are all in their late 20s and early 30s!  They all look great (considering) because they receive excellent care… but please know that excellent care of elder horses is very expensive.  We can help support this wonderful service for the oldsters!

Meet Bear! Click on his image to read his story.

Click on Trace’s image to read his story.

Click on Ashley’s pic to read her story!

Click on Daisy’s image to read her story!

Click on Glory’s image to read her story.

Click on Carson’s photo to read his story!

Click image to read Durango’s story!

Click image to read Jet’s story!

Click here to watch the donation thermometer rise!



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  1. Shanna Border

    Thanks for posting about the old and forgotten. I run a non-profit horse sanctuary, Borderlands Horse Sanctuary, and we focus on the senior horses. Funds are always tight because we don’t focus on the young and adoptables or the feedlot programs to pull at the heart strings. We focus on the day-to-day care of our senior horses to make sure that their days are comfortable until the end. It’s not glamorous, it’s not heartstrings pulling but it’s real and I wouldn’t give up my old warriors for anything. So thanks for spotlighting a rescue that focuses on the seniors!

  2. dawndi Post author

    Such a kind gesture for your friend. Greatly appreciated! Thank you!! I’ve added your donation to the BF thermometer!

  3. Kathy Johnson

    Dawn, I just donated to the bucket fund for the first time, in honor of Mama Tess and in honor of Frenchy, my friend MaryAnn’s 28-year-old Thoroughbred who had to be euthanized on Sunday after a long and vigorous life. The older ones who don’t have a doting owner like MaryAnn deserve our care after giving so much through their whole lives. My own horse is 22, and I pray I’ll always be able to take good care of him, but you never know what will happen. Thank goodness for The Golden Carrot!

  4. Valerie

    Casey is the only person running the show at The Golden Carrot for the most part, so I am thrilled to see she is getting some help! She does amazing work and puts up with heartbreak at a level I don’t think I could survive. I sponsor a horse at The Golden Carrot; it’s easy and totally do-able, for those interested in doing more than a one-time donation. Casey can certainly use all the help she can get!

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