I have a huge disdain for stoopid human tricks.

What were they thinking?!

It never ceases to amaze and disturb me how unthinking, uncaring and unkind humans can be…

On the other hand, it never ceases to amaze me how generous and resourceful humans can be in the face of trauma and disaster.

For example…

Total fear and pain. Adella is down at the equine hospital, awaiting care.



(Adella is sometimes referred to as ‘Bella’ because that was her name initially.)

Adella’s owner had her in a very small paddock.  For some reason that we don’t know, he decided that he needed to tie her down in that very small paddock.

He used wire.

The wire got caught on all the peripheries until it had pinned her against the fence with her foot caught and wrapped several times.

I guess you can imagine the gruesome scene.

She was trapped, struggling and in the process of cutting off her own foot in order to be free.

You can probably feel her fear and pain.


Somehow, Habitat for Horses was called and the owner released the horse into their care.

Thank God.

Covered in hair and blood at the scene, rescuers didn't know how bad it was...


A rescuer took this photo of what was left behind in the transport trailer.


A rescue worker applies a towel as they wait for emergency care.



The caregivers at Habitat for Horses describe the scene as horrendous.  Adella was down in the trailer, spilling blood everywhere.  At the vet hospital, she had a bad reaction to the pain killer and went down.

The rapid response team there went into Red Alert and swarmed around her like bees in the hive.

Whatever happened, they were going to do everything possible to right the wrong done to this mare.

Adella reacts to the pain killer and goes down in the stocks

Trauma and ordeal abated, Adella sleeps.



Here is a piece of the actual vet report.  The invoice was three pages long – listing the treatment (and fees) provided that evening.  This mare on this night, was truly rescued…

Basically, she cut through the back and sides of her foot to the point of exposing her bone.  Her tendons and ligaments were severed.  They feared major infection in her joint as well as tissue death.

I cannot even imagine coming upon this mare and having the fortitude and temerity to negotiate her release, navigate through her terror, release her, load her, white knuckle it to the equine hospital, view all the blood in the trailer and pull her out with her dangling hoof and then watch as the vets did all they could to save her.  Oh yeah, and pay for it all – whether the mare survived or not.


Taken directly from the vet bill (click to enlarge)



Adella will be able to live a successful life, although permanently crippled.  She will have to wear a special shoe and a brace, for now.  In time, the brace will shed and she will only have to wear the orthopedic shoe to support her hoof.

For now, she has to be stalled in a small space.  In time, as her wounds heal, she will be allowed into larger areas.

Adella will live to eat grass, smell the fresh air, nuzzle with buddies, roam her pastures and never be mistreated again.

Groomed and recovering in her stall…



Habitat for horses didn’t look back and wonder if they had enough funds to save his mare.  They just did it…

Of course, the vet bill was huge and ongoing.  And, as with all fully packed rescues, they also must provide for all the other residents.

Let’s help them help Adella.

Bravo, Habitat for Horses… Bravo!

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She lives another day to steal some lovely hay!! Adella is a fighter!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Chlo

    It’s very heartwarming to see some people still care about horses and ponies and don’t want them to be in and want to live a good life! My horse trainer rescued a Draft horse that was going to the slaughter she is the sweetest and she is very beautiful and loving! I’m glade that Adella has people that really care about her and will do anything to help her and other horses too! I will donate money to show that I don’t support horse cruelty or other animal cruelty!

  2. robin

    You are the best. Your Gods angel for the horses. And thank-you Dr. Jenkins you are a life saver. and a angel. And Adella she is so BEAUTIFUL. Hope all goes well. Blessing’s

  3. Michele Schmoll

    Hey I wish I could donate but we do rescue here in VA and have our own hands full. But I would like to share a wonderful product that I wish someone would have shared with me many years ago. We had a horse that had high tensil wire wrapped around it’s leg and same thing it was cut into bone. Instead of cutting out proud flesh please do yourself a huge favor and look at http://www.underwoodhorsemedicine.com/
    Excellent product I will NEVER do without in our barn again. You put a spray bottle top on it, shake it each time, spray on and then put on baking powder to create a scab. No proud flesh. Look at the testimonial page. I rehabbed a horse that cut all the way through all tendons and to bone on cannon bone and used this and barely a scar and no proud flesh. Vet was amazed! I thank my farrier for telling me about it. Worth having it on the farm especially for rehab cases. Best of luck in her recovery. Email me if you want more info. I was skeptical until I used it.

  4. Darlene

    God Bless Dr. Jenkins and Jason for helping this baby get out of hell and into a better life.

  5. Joanie

    It always upsets me to see what people do to these horses. I just will never understand how someone can do this. I am glad she was saved in time, but now she must go through life with a handicap because of an evil human. I think more laws need to go into effect to protect animals from abuse. It seems people do these things and just get their hands slapped, when in fact, they should go to jail.

  6. Jean Brown

    OMG I hope that owner receives the maximum penalty and punishment possible for such animal abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Robynne Catheron

    Dawn, you are an angel to help raise funds for this girl’s care, and Jerry Finch is an angel for saving her life. May God bless you both with ample resources.

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