HE LOST HIS TAIL while wandering the streets, starving. MEET OUR AUGUST BUCKET FUND HORSE: Pegasus!

No one knows his story.  He was found wandering in the street.  He was skinny, cut up and missing his TAIL.

Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County immediately took him in and called the vet.  Pegasus, who they estimate is 15 years-old and a 3 on the scale, was missing his tail in a very crude injury, had black, greasy oil all over his body and he had cuts, and bruises.  Something traumatic happened to him.

He will need lots of time to recover.  The tail is difficult to heal and regrow because horses move them constantly.  Often, tails become infected because proper scabs cannot form.

Pegasus has been treated and bathed.  He looks better and seems to feel a bit better.

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Pegasus lost his tail. We don’t know how or why, he was found wandering on the street.

POOR GUY.  WHAT HAPPENED?  We will probably never know.

Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County is not well funded… and Pegasus’ care will take many vet visits and lots of wrap and ointments (I know, I had to wrap Mama Tess’ feet daily…)

This month, let’s help Illinois Horse Rescue help this poor, lost gelding.  And no – no one has reported him missing… no one yet, is looking for him.


All donations are 100% tax deductible.  And, I know they could really, really use the funds.  Honestly, I remember how expensive it was to continually treat and wrap MT’s open wounds.  So, I can absolutely feel for them.

And, this guy is emotionally damaged.  The volunteers will be working with him often to heal his soul – thank horsegods.

ANY AMOUNT is wonderful and thank you in advance!!

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  1. Judy Denver

    Is this sweet guy going to be available for adoption once he’s well again?

    Am interested in learning more.
    I am near Denver, CO area.

    Judy Denver

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