HARLEY IS GOING TO HIS FOREVER HOME! And, his buddy is better – good news!

Fridays are good days for happy updates.  A great start to the weekend!

Harley, our Bucket Fund Draft horse (click to read) from January is doing well!  Very well!  His eye is healing, he’s put on weight, he’s had his teeth done and his hooves are growing!

But the best news is that he has found his forever home!

Theresa from BHFER explains below.

*Also, the last paragraph speaks about Harley’s buddy who was left behind because the farmer refused to release him.




















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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    Well, Harley’s rescuer isn’t the only one with tears flowing… *sniff* SO NICE to see the big guy looking and feeling better and going to a wonderful new home! And I’m also extremely glad they’ve been able to help his left-behind friend.

    I definitely have a soft spot for drafts. The first ones I ever got to know were two enormous BelgianX mules who lived at a nearby farm. I never did much with them but I thought they were cool. My draft education really started when my BO put two Perchies in our H/J lesson program. I thought he was insane, but then I started riding them, and guess what? They were a BLAST. The lighter-bodied one I called “The Fridge” ‘cuz that’s how tall she was, and the chunkier one I called “The Sofa,” ‘cuz that’s how wide she was. Maddie/Fridge was really a good jumper and quite enjoyed it. Tess wasn’t as into airs above the ground, but she was surprisingly athletic. They gave me quite an education between them. (The funny part is that if I wasn’t aboard one of them, I was riding a 14.2 pony. Made for a lot of variety in my lessons! :-)

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