Happy Updates on Baby Milan and Filly Willow!

I received a few pics today…

Baby Milan!

Remember Baby Milan?   He is the wild baby that was noticed by rescuers – he couldn’t get up – and he was picked up just in time.  He had pneumonia, heat exhaustion and dehydration from smoke inhalation due to all of the wild fires.

This photo is so sad- seeing his mother standing there… she will never know that her boy is doing very well!

You can read Milan’s story here.

So sad… Rescuers spotted this wild baby. His band had escaped the wild fires into this gravel pit area… but the smoke got to this little one. He couldn’t stand. He had pneumonia, heat exhaustion and dehydration. His new little lungs could not take all of that smoke.

Rescuers giving him aid on location.

He was transported to an equine hospital where they worked around the clock to save him. He crashed a few times… but he pulled through. The Horse and Man Group paid for all of this little guy’s medical expenses.


LITTLE MILAN NOW!I received this photo today!

He was eating a cookie.  But LOOK HOW BIG HE HAS GOTTEN – even with pneumonia for 5 weeks of his young life!

Little Milan was eating a cookie. They have to give him something to eat to keep him away from mauling the photographer!


Well, Willow was just helped recently… she is the 2 year-old filly who walked or ran into the jagged end of a tin roof that was torn off by a tornado after Hurricane Harvey destroyed her owner’s home.

Dr. Kris went back out today and said that Willow is doing wonderfully. The wound is healing very well!

You can read Willow’s story here.

Willow on the first day she was discovered.  She looks fine in this photo… but she had a horrible gash on her leg…

Willow Today!

These pics came from Dr. Kris today!  The gash is healing up very nicely.  The Horse and Man Group is making treatment affordable for this family who lost their home, barn (and recently lost their father – Willow’s owner) in Hurricane Harvey.

Thanks to the generosity of the Horse and Man Group, Willow is being treated for this horrible gash from a tin roof that blew off during the tornado (after Hurricane Harvey).

Dr. Kris said it is healing nicely and there was no joint involvement! (This is the least graphic photo that she sent today…)




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