A GREAT UPDATE ON GUINNESS! Plus our February donation receipts!

As you all know, our February Bucket Fund horse, Guinness was operated on last week to remove his tumors!  You can read his original story here and his surgery story here.

Well, yesterday I received these update pics from his recovery stall…

The nurse said that not only is he moving around much more comfortably without that chest tumor, but HE CAN FIT HIS FACE INTO THE FEEDER!   Yay!

The nurses had to create a special feeder and water tub for him because he kept banging his chin tumors on the lips of all the buckets!  But now, he is all good!

The techs washed him and combed his mane out beautifully…


Dr. Myhre from the Myhre Equine hospital told me that he made a vaccine from the tumor cells that he then injected into the remaining smaller tumors, to see if this vaccine will kill the new tumors.

I love this idea!

He also froze off some of the smaller tumors, to see if that is effective long term.

He now has a normal bucket and can eat without banging his huge, sore, oozing chin on bucket lips!


From the nurses, aids, vet techs and vets… all of them!  He is the most willing, loving and stoic horse they have seen in a long time.

Good job, everyone!

Our initial receipt for his surgery deposit.

Our addition to his deposit… help with surgery

Surgery funds! Yay! (Thank you, KN)

THE UNIONDALE 9 TBS – our original February Bucket Fund horses

In case you missed the update, here it is.  We had to move onward as the investigation was so tight, they didn’t want any information or photos on the internet.  Luckily, the horses are all being cared for and the perp will have to come to justice.

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  1. Barb France

    So happy to see Guinness feeling better every day! He eyes look much more clearer! Thank you so much for these updates…i hope he finds a loving home that he so deserves!

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