GREAT NEWS! Our Drop in the Bucket Fund is OVERFLOWING for the Texas horses (Yay! Thank you ALL so much!) – so we can help another horse suffering after Harvey! Meet Brandy!

It has been incredible the outpouring of love and support for the horses suffering from the damage of standing in putrid waters during the Texas flooding from Harvey!  Awesome!

You can read that story here.

Click image to read the story of the Harvey flood victim equines.

WE SURPASSED OUR GOAL OF $10,000!!  Thank you all!  Incredible!  Now we can help MORE horses!

It is incredible that we surpassed our goal!  That allows us to help even more horses!  Over the weekend, Dr. Kris sent to me these photos of “Brandy”.  We can now help her.

Brandy has owners.  Their house was evacuated and horribly damaged and flooded.  Brandy was standing in high water for 3 days.  When the water subsided, they were not able to get to her for another 3 days due to road washouts and mandated road closures.

As soon as possible, Brandy’s owners called Dr. Kris to help Brandy.   When Dr. Kris arrived and saw the total devastation of the home – and now their sweet mare needed extensive care – ON TOP OF losing their father earlier in the year who was Brandy’s best friend and owner –  Dr. Kris felt horrible for these humans who were struggling but still trying to do right by their father’s beloved mare.

So, when I told Dr. Kris that we had extra funds, she told the owners that she could treat this mare – fully – and they wouldn’t have to worry.

This is Brandy. She was stuck for 3 days in belly high putrid water and then another 3 days while the roads were closed. Now, we can help her, too!

All of this skin will slough.


I think it was shocking for many people to realize what ‘standing in flood water’ actually means.  These horses aren’t standing in fresh, clean water… they are standing in putrid water that has run through sewage and swamps and grease and dirt and grime and mold and bacteria and waste and all sorts of grossness – as the water rushes through places where water ought not be…

And it is even worse, if the horses drink that putrid water – as you could imagine.

The water is so toxic that these horses lose any skin that touches it.  If they ingest the toxic water, well… hopefully only an infection happens.  Many of them aspirate this horrible water and then they catch pneumonia.

So, rescuing horses from the standing waters is the first part of saving floodwater horses… the aftercare is equally as important – caring for the horse after their skin sloughs.  Horrible.

She will lose all of this skin.

But her owners (who lost their Dad, Brandy’s former owner, earlier this year) and now just lost their home, won’t have to worry about their mare! She will be treated fully, thanks to you all!


I just wanted to give a shoutout to Fungus Free Plus (all natural, it has a fragrance like salad dressing).  They donated $500 worth of product to Dr. Kris and Dr. Ben to help all of these horses!!

I found out about Fungus Free Plus a few years ago and recommend it because it was the only product that helped my donkey with her skin issues (and I had tried everything…).

The Fungus Free Plus company also helped the horses of Louisiana last year and that is how we know this stuff REALLY works for flood victims.  Dr. Lee (from the Louisiana floods last year) said that Fungus Free Plus absolutely aided the horses she was caring for – all 40 of them!  She loves this product!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    Yes. I will send you a photo. He seems much brighter after his family has come home and he’s had daily skin treatments.

  2. Indie

    Is there an update on that poor depressed donkey who lost his jenny in the flood?

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