GREAT NEWS! We met our goal and Grosh had his two surgeries, thanks to YOU!

Yay!  You readers are AWESOME!  We are slightly OVER our goal, which is great, since Grosh will probably need some training before he can become adoptable.  THANK YOU!


Great news!  The wound didn’t hit any major muscles, tendons, ligament… NOTHING!  Grosh will have a deep scar and an indentation at his shoulder from the tissue that was removed, but he will recover fully!  And, after Grosh came out of sedation, he had full weight on that leg.  The vets think he will be just fine!

These photos are somewhat graphic…(so stop here if you are sensitive to that) but you can see that Grosh was sedated, gelded, vaccinated and his wound was trimmed and cleaned.  Grosh has had antibiotic treatments and will continue to receive antibiotics (as needed) while this large wound recedes and heals.

*This reminds me of Bodhi’s huge gash.  We couldn’t close it, so we had to wash it twice a day and add ointments until it closed on its own.  With Grosh, he is wild so treating this huge wound will be a benefit to his training program for adoption.

From LBL Equine Rescue:

Grosh (2 years old wild mustang colt) walked fairly calmly into the chute. There he was easily sedated via vein. You can see the vet behind him here.

Time to clean the wound after taking off the hanging pieces of skin.

Taking major precautions with this wild horse…

Wound clean!

Up after surgery! A new, vaccinated gelding with a clean, treated wound! He will continue to receive antibiotics as needed as well as daily cleaning which will really help his socialization.



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