GREAT NEWS for our March Bucket Fund Minis! Not only did we meet our goal, but they added 2 mini donkeys!

Last week, we helped raise money for transportation costs so 8 mini horses (4 babies, a pregnant mare and her friend stallion, and 2 dwarfs) could be saved from auction in Mississippi and brought to California where adopters are at hand!

And today, we reached our goal of $1200 to aid in this endeavor!

But it gets better!  With the extra funds, they were able to add 2 mini donkeys onto the trailer!  Yay!!

THANK YOU ALL for your thoughts, prayers and donations!   Awesome job!  We will have updates next week!

I know there are 4 mini donks in this shot, but the front two were the ones without homes so they are coming to CA, too!

HANDYMAN, dwarfism…

Handyman is the one who started this fund drive.  This little dwarf mini was at the auction with malformed legs.  Dwarf horses have larger heads, short limbs and other medical issues – but bad breeders think that these horses are ‘cute’ and ‘really small’… and figure there is a big market for them.  There isn’t.  They need ongoing medical care.

This is a trailer shot of Handyman (look at his knees…) and his dwarf auction mate buddy’s nose.

This is Handyman as he waits for his transport to CA. Look at his front limbs… common with dwarfism.


I’m sorry … I was fed this story and photos from a very busy rescuer who was on a road trip to go see these guys… and I badgered her for photos for our story – well, I got some of the captions incorrectly.  So here is the correction.

This is the heavily pregnant mare, Latte.

This is Studly, who is not longer a stud. He buddied up to protect Latte at the auction, so he gets to come, too.

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