HOW ABOUT SOME GREAT NEWS?! Our Emergency Bucket Fund from last month for the overheated foals – it is working! Several babies have been saved in the ensuing weeks!

Remember last month we had an emergency Bucket Fund for the wild foals in Nevada that were overexposed (water was moved and fences closed) and suffering from heat stroke and dehydration?  The rescuers from LRTC had equipment but they needed upgrades to treat the abundance of patients.

Well, I received an email update from LRTC.  Here it is:

An update on activities relating to the Drop in the Bucket Fund donations for medical equipment for orphan foal rescue in Nevada’s Virginia Range.

The supplies and upgraded oxygen equipment and accessories have been ordered with some equipment being already received and distributed.  We are sending additional units to volunteers associated with the Virginia Range Sanctuary and the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund who respond to foal emergencies in their respective areas.  As a result we collectively will be able to provide more uniform coverage to incidents occurring at various locations on the range.

During the past week two more orphan range foals were rescued.  Both were recovered before they reached the critical stage, with the responses being facilitated by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (the agency having jurisdiction over the Virginia Range herd.)  One foal is under the care of Anna Orchard of the Virginia Range Sanctuary and the other is being transferred to the care of Palomino Armstrong of LRTC’s “Chlly Pepper” project.  Both foals are currently doing well.

Aside from providing updated and more reliable emergency equipment, the Drop in the Bucket  Fund donation has spurred renewed interest in training, the combination of which will undoubtedly produce more “saves” in critical cases.

This is the foal being cared for by Ms. Orchard and the Virginia Range Sanctuary.  (The 2-week old foal’s dam was struck and killed in an auto accident.)

Storey County Foal 2016-1 resized

The skinny pinto orphan is the one being sent to the Armstrongs’ Chilly Pepper rehab project.

north carson foal 2016

Thanks to all the Horse and Man readers who help make these and the projects undertaken by other rescue groups so successful!

Best regards,

Willis Lamm


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