I love hearing updates on our Bucket Fund Horses!

Today, I received 2 updates!


Vulcan was our February, 2017 Bucket Fund horse.  Besides being very malnourished, he had the terrible wound to his private part.

Vulcan on his rescue day.

He had his surgery (which helped with his pain) and it was very successful!  He’s had his teeth floated, feet done and he’s had lots of food since February.

Look at him now!

Filled out and happy with his new friend!

It looks like he was clipped with a heart shape on his shoulder!



Barbara was our April wry-mouthed filly Bucket Fund horse.  She is still too young to have her surgery, but her trainer is working with her daily so that the recovery will be as smooth as possible.

Using a neck loop instead of a halter is a must as after surgery, nothing can be around her mouth.

Here they are teaching her to get into a foreign trailer.

Great job, Shane!


Two feet in (obviously on a different day and parked in a different location)

All the way in!  (I see her wry mouth tongue…)


After I returned home from my work trip this week, I thought I saw a bird on the Outside the Office Nest again!

So, I walked around the house and peered around the corner, so she couldn’t see me, and she was on the nest!  I’m not sure if it is the same bird, but she flies away every time I open the slider, which is what she did last time.  So, it might be the same bird.

Anyway, I lugged out the ladder and reached up with my phone to take this photo.  When I brought  my arm down to look, THERE WERE 4 EGGS!

I’m so excited!

OUR JUNE BUCKET FUND HORSE:  SAMSON… BLINDED BY HIS OWNER AND STARVED, he was walked for 5.5 hours out of the Grand Canyon.  Can we help right this wrong?!  Click here to read his story.    Click here to donate!


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