Final Receipts for the August Bucket Fund and an Update on the Unlucky 29!


First off, I wanted to voice my appreciation towards all of you for your support of the Bucket Fund.

It warms my heart to know that the HORSE AND MAN GROUPS is really making a difference in the circumstances of unfortunate equines.  Our donations over the past year have changed lives and saved lives – for horses, their owners and for some of you supporters.

Bravo!  Thank you.  It means a lot to me.


Thank you.


In case you missed the September Bucket Fund story (linked here), in short, 29 Twin Peaks wild mustangs were sold to a woman in Michigan.  For reasons I won’t go into, she was not able to care for them.  Of the original 29, only 9 could be located.  They were in very grave condition.
Luckily, DreamCatcher Sanctuary in California is offering to let these older Mustangs run free forever on their land.  However, funds needed to be raised for the transportation to get these Unlucky 9 horses safely from Michigan to CA. 
The total to raise was $10,000.
Well, in less than a week, DreamCatcher Sanctuary had $10,000 in donations!  And, $1000 of that came from the HORSE AND MAN GROUP!!

One of the Unlucky 29

The real prize here was that word got around (Thank you FaceBook) a few more of the original UNLUCKY 29 Mustangs have surfaced! 
Yup, in this past week, word got out and a few more of the original Unlucky 29 have been found!!They are also graciously invited to live out their lives and run free forever at DreamCatcher.
But, the present trailer load is full…
So, the newly found Unlucky 29 horses who were uncovered this week will need to wait and take the next truck.
We will continue to raise money throughout the month of September via the Bucket Fund for the transportation of the new Unlucky 29 horses who resurfaced this week!
Just think how incredible it will be when these horses who have lost all the spark in their eyes – are once again free!  To me, that is the best gift of all.
CLICK HERE to donate!  :)
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Last month, we raised a huge volume of funds to make a mountain of a difference for the Fallon Foals (and yearling and mare pairs).
The total we raised was an incredible and block busting $5675!!
Because Debra Hawk, who spearheaded the rescue of the Fallon horses, was not in the position to also manage all the donations, she asked me to distribute the Bucket Funds myself – per her direction.
I did this… And, that is why we have so many receipts.  (Please remember that Pay Pal takes 3% of all money coming in –  and they also take 3% from whomever you are paying.)
Ask any questions.
Here we go:

This is to Debra's husband to pay the feedlot to house and feed the original foals that needed time to be placed.

Payment for Mare Pair #53

Payment for Mare Pair #52

Payment for one hauling trip (gas only)

Payment to another volunteer hauler (gas only)

Payment for Foal # 12 (plus PP fees)

Mare Pairs #50 and #51

Payment for foal # 23

Pay Pal fees that I hadn't paid earlier

Payment for the one BLM Donkey that was also saved

Payment for Mare Pair #43

More Pay Pal fees

Another long volunteer haul (gas only)

Payment for foals #13 and #17 (plus PP fees)

Gas fees for some of the hauling Debra did as well as Foal Formula for the very young orphans

For the last yearling #47 (plus PP fees)


Phew!!  I told you there were a lot of receipts!


THANK YOU !!!!!!!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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