A MONDAY FEEL GOOD STORY! One of the February Bucket Fund BLM Mares GAVE BIRTH the night she was rescued!

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Wahooooo!  The last family band of our February Bucket Fund horses were moved with perfect timing!

Roxanne gave birth that night!

Here is a photo of her family band, still intact, the first morning in their new temporary home.

Do you see the foal?!  That baby wasn’t there the night before!

Isn’t this incredible?!

LOOK!!  A BABY!!  That baby wasn't there when they moved the family the day before!!

LOOK!! A BABY!! That baby wasn’t there when they moved the family the day before!!


Here is an update from the wonderful, on the ground, rescuers in Nevada who spearheaded the saving of these 3 family bands (19 horses).

Here is this weekend’s update on Rojo’s band.

The group has grown from nine to ten with the appearance of a new foal this past week. From the looks of the mares, there is still one foal on the way.

It looks like these horses will ultimately have a great permanent home. A family in Arkansas operates a country bed and breakfast that includes many acres of grassy, wooded hiking trails. In the past they have taken in Virginia Range family bands that included elderly horses that would have otherwise been difficult to place and for which separation from their family units would have been very stressful. The bed and breakfast and a few horse enthusiasts support this “sanctuary” and the horses attract bed and breakfast patrons, so it’s a symbiotic relationship.

The elder horses previously placed have since passed on due to natural causes and there will be room this spring for some new arrivals. They are willing to take Rojo’s band, keep the family together, and let them live out on the bed and breakfast’s “sanctuary.” Arrangements still have to be finalized but it looks like they will be relocated once the spring grass crop has matured.

We will still need to get Coggins and health certificates for interstate transportation and there will be some shipping costs, but this great outcome for these horses is slowly coming within reach. Thanks to the Johnstons for their interest in taking these horses and to the Drop in the Bucket Fund participants for making these efforts possible!


Supporting The Bucket Fund through Amazon Smile could be HUGE for the horses.  Please choose our charity when you make an Amazon purchase through this link.  THANK YOU!

Supporting The Bucket Fund through Amazon Smile is  HUGE for the horses. Please choose HORSE AND MAN when you make your Amazon purchase through this link. THANK YOU!

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