February Bucket Fund Receipt and an update on our February horse, Vulcan!

We had a very successful Bucket Fund drive for Vulcan last month!   We surpassed our goal of $2400!  This is good because Vulcan needs a lot of medical care and special groceries.  Thank you Thank you!

If you missed his story, you can read it here.

This is Vulcan’s intake photo. He was grossly underweight and had a horribly infected wound on his penis – he was found living in a junkyard full of sharp metal.

We have an update on Vulcan!

But first, the receipt!

Our receipt of payment for Vulcan’s surgery.


Vulcan has gained over 100 lbs!  The vet says he has put on enough weight to have his surgery.  So now everyone is organizing his trip to the equine hospital as well as his rehabilitation process.  Very exciting.

Vulcan has had a few baths now… and his feet done.  His teeth are next!

I know this is graphic to study, but his penis injury is healing very well!  The vets want to see how much it will heal on its own before surgery.  The less that has to be removed, the better.  He still cannot retract, and probably never will.  But, they are waiting for a few more days to make sure there are no further changes.

He looks so much brighter and alert!

Vulcan is allowed to roam the farm and eat whatever he wants… a very pampered life. I am told he is very respectful and a perfect angel while outside of his paddock.

The wound is so much better! But, the damage was done long ago. he will still need surgery so he can retract.



MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE (his story here).  Swayze’s Drop in the Bucket Fund only needs $625 to give him his lifesaving surgeryJust a few drops will add up!  Thank you in advance!

Do you have Starbucks money to donate to this very handsome gelding?  He has fought so hard to live!  Thank you!!  Make a 100% tax deductible donation here!


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