Facebook is no longer Horse and Man’s friend…

Sad but true…  it seems like Facebook has it out for Horse and Man.

I mean, why do they care about us?  Really?  I cannot fathom.  But… things are definitely not the same between H&M and FB.

In the beginning, 10 years ago, FB was a huge ally for Horse and Man.  We had thousands of followers and those followers, in turn, shared our stories so that donations to the Drop in the Bucket Fund came in droves from all over the world.  The Drop in the Bucket Fund was very successful.

However, in the last 16 months, all kinds of odd things popped up with FB.  Loyal followers couldn’t find our posts… many followers gave up.  The Horse and Man massive news feed, dwindled down to where we were only seeing the same 50 people posting.  This made it very difficult to find important and deserving Bucket Fund horses from around the USA.

In the last few months, FB has refused to let us add a ‘donate’ button to promote our Bucket Fund through the Horse and Man page – as has been the standard for 10 years.  In fact, they have banned my personal page from promoting the Bucket Fund.  My only page that can promote the Bucket Fund, is the page of my donkey.

As of this month, FB created a ‘new’ Page for Horse and Man that dropped our thousands of followers – just like that.  Now, instead of getting thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, we get a few, if that.  To say I’ve been soul crushed about this is an understatement.  It took a lot of work to build up that following… a lot.

What does FB have against helping horses in dire need?

So, sadly, this year was a very dismal year for the Bucket Fund.  We brought in a quarter of what we usually garnered for these poor horses.  I attribute this loss to the absence of FB readers, shares and donations.  Truly, previously we received FB donations from all over the world.  Now, never.

Once Upon a Time…

I have contacted FB numerous times and they ignore my questions.  I’m just shaking my head.  I cannot believe it, really.  I’m dumbstruck.  The only response I did receive told me to ‘create an ad’ to promote the post.  Right.  Bring in money for FB or fugeddaboudit.  For me, I’m not about advertising our non-profit.  I mean, I don’t mind boosting a post for a few dollars, but I’m not going to run ads.

Well, we cannot cry over spilled milk.  When one door shuts, another one opens.

The Drop in the Bucket Fund is still a viable resource – and we are angels for those who need us – no matter what we give… but some type of new expansion needs to happen.

I will be thinking a lot about this.

THANK YOU to all of you who are email subscribers.  YOU are holding the Bucket Fund on your mighty shoulders!  THANK YOU.

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  1. Stacy

    I had no Idea you were still even doing the blog. I am just as devastated. Doris Mcquiddy shared your post on facebook and I was surprised. I am so happy she has shared your post and I have done so as well.
    Stacy Ferris(myheartsezyes)

  2. Marlene Venture

    Don’t buckle. I’ll find you if they drop you. I love your page. I’ll try to drop them a line in support. Keep us posted.

  3. Linda Dunn

    This is exactly why I discontinued fb. The Toe Bro had a similar problem Utube saying his posts were too controversial. Please! You can find anything on utube from how masterbate to how to be a “bottom” in a male to male sex. Same for fb

  4. Judith Graves

    I seldom comment, but, based on the negative situation with Facebook, I just want to say thank you for all you do and may things improve in 2021.

  5. Bunny

    I never have and never will be a Facebook subscriber (nor, indeed, ANY social media; I do not count your blog as “social media” as it has a much, much higher purpose than the usual run of social media utter garbage). I will go on Fb public pages of some rescue groups focusing on dogs and horses. Recently two experiences doing that were shocking to me and I can only attribute it to the politicization and weaponizing of this particular brand of “social media.” The first was, Dawn, your revelation that Fb removed the information about helping the horse formerly nearly tortured to death by the so-called “Dreadhead Cowboy.” I actually saw other forum posts indicating similar experiences with their posts. The second was contacting a local rescue about possibly rehoming an owner-surrendered horse and being told, flat out, that the rescue only adopts to their “Facebook friends”! I was astonished to learn that a supposedly legitimate rescue would consider being a “Facebook friend” as the apparently sole qualification to rehome a rescue. In short, this whole Fb thing appears to be a metaphor for what is happening in this chaotic and seriously declining society. When a media organization, whose stated mission is to serve everyone (and Fb has enough subscribers worldwide to see that at least part of that mission is fulfilled – in the sheer numbers), becomes a politically manipulative juggernaut whose algorithms are designed to encourage addiction to the worst of human behaviors – hate, tribalism, divisiveness and even violence at both ends of the spectrum — that media organization MUST be recognized for what it actually IS, and dismantled.

  6. dawndi Post author

    Yes, in fact we were one of the first to introduce Skydog… she has three of my mustangs. We are friends. Glad you follow her – the program is wonderful

  7. Angie

    Hi Dawn. I believe Clare at Skydog Ranch has some issues with FB a while back, and she might be able to enlighten you or help you get your page back and up and running I would try contacting her and see if she can shed any light on this. I don’t know if you follow her at all, or know about her amazing organization, but Skydog rescues at-risk mustangs and donkeys and have a huge following. I hope she can help you figure this out. i’ve been following you for years, but gave up FB in 2016 after the election. I still tune in to your website every day, and donate from here. Anyway…good luck. I wish there was another platform you could use instead of FB….their policies, excuses and outright non-helpfulness is ridiculous.

  8. Stacey Adams

    I’m SO sorry to see this Dawn. And I know that FB is also impossible to get in contact with an actual person – which doesn’t help to understand “what” the actual problem is that caused this.

    Ridiculous on all fronts – especially for the deserving reciptients.

  9. Kelly Hanahan

    FB has become no one’s friend these days. Politics has put up a roadblock for any and all good that they used to do. You might want to try Parler. I know lots of people have migrated over there. Yes, I know it’s a much smaller platform but there is no censorship. It’s growing by leaps and bounds. Folks just need to wean themselves from FB. Or, be booted off like so many I know. :(

  10. Peg

    I don’t seem to get as many H&M post as I used to. Not sure if you’re maybe not posting as much.i have always subscribed to the email and will continue to rely on them.

  11. kimberly ditlefsen

    hhmmm im amazed at youir story…..its like youve been fired from a 10 year relationship with no explaination…..and i thought that crap only happened in my world cause i have a bad picker in the people i have around me!!! this type of crap makes me physically sick to my stomach!! im so sorry to you folks wish i could donate to the cause but i have no money alls i can give is to be a number for you to get more subsribers so the have to pay you more.. good luck in the next door that will be opening for you!!

  12. N MacGregor

    I’m not good at this but here goes.
    I hadn’t seen you’re posts for awhile and wondered if you had been taken off my favourites list. So went to have a look!There I found FB had changed my settings, so I reset them and hey presto I am getting every post that you make.
    Also checked my other settings and found a lot of them had been changed. Maybe this is part of the problem. Just a thought.

  13. Fran

    Crazy, Dawn. I feel this goes beyond our borders ?. I’ll support the Bucket Fund wherever you go…

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